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Puddle Of Mudd
Album Lyrics: Come Clean

Puddle Of Mudd
"Come Clean"

1. Control playlist
2. Drift And Die playlist
3. Out Of My Head playlist
4. Nobody Told Me playlist
5. Blurry playlist
6. She Hates Me playlist
7. Bring Me Down playlist
8. Never Change playlist
9. Basement playlist
10. Said playlist
11. Piss It All Away playlist

Album Lyrics: Life On Display

Puddle Of Mudd
"Life On Display"

1. Away From Me playlist
2. Heel Over Head playlist
3. Nothing Left To Lose playlist
4. Change My Mind playlist
5. Spin You Around playlist
6. Already Gone playlist
7. Think playlist
8. Cloud 9 playlist
9. Bottom playlist
10. Freak Of The World playlist
11. Sydney playlist
12. Time Flies playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Puddle Of Mudd

Puddle Of Mudd
"Other Songs - Puddle Of Mudd"

1. Abrasive playlist
2. Bleed playlist
3. Fear playlist
4. Harassed playlist
5. Hour Glass Man playlist
6. I Think I Used To Love You playlist
7. Locket playlist
8. Look In My Eyes playlist
9. Migraine playlist
10. Purple Heart playlist
11. Rockin Christmas playlist
12. Stressed Out playlist
13. Time playlist
14. You Don't Know playlist