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Sara Groves
Album Lyrics: O Holy Night [2008]

Sara Groves
"O Holy Night [2008]"

1. A Cradle In Bethlehem playlist
2. Angels We Have Heard On High playlist
3. Go Tell It On The Mountain playlist
4. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas playlist
5. It Came Upon A Midnight Clear playlist
6. It's True playlist
7. O Holy Night playlist
8. Peace Peace playlist
9. Silent Night playlist
10. Star Of Wonder playlist
11. To Be With You playlist
12. Toy Packaging playlist

Album Lyrics: Tell Me What You Know [2007]

Sara Groves
"Tell Me What You Know [2007]"

1. Abstraction playlist
2. Honesty playlist
3. In The Girl There's A Room playlist
4. It Might Be Hope playlist
5. Say A Prayer playlist
6. Song For My Sons playlist
7. The Long Defeat playlist
8. When The Saints playlist
9. You Are Wonderful playlist

Album Lyrics: Sara Groves: Add To The Beauty [2006]

Sara Groves
"Sara Groves: Add To The Beauty [2006]"

1. Add To The Beauty playlist
2. How Can I Tell playlist
3. Kingdom Comes playlist
4. Something Changed playlist
5. When It Was Over (Reprise) playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Side of Something [2004]

Sara Groves
"Other Side of Something [2004]"

1. All I Need playlist
2. Compelled playlist
3. Esther playlist
4. Jeremiah playlist
5. Like A Skin playlist
6. Roll To The Middle playlist
7. The Boxer playlist
8. The One Thing I Know playlist
9. Undone playlist
10. What I Thought I Wanted playlist

Album Lyrics: All Right Here [2002]

Sara Groves
"All Right Here [2002]"

1. All Right Here playlist
2. Every Minute playlist
3. First Song That I Sing playlist
4. Fly playlist
5. Jesus, You're Beautiful playlist
6. Just One More Thing playlist
7. Less Like Scars playlist
8. Maybe There's A Loving God playlist
9. Remember Surrender playlist
10. This Peace playlist
11. Tornado playlist
12. You Cannot Lose My Love playlist
13. You Did That for Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Sara Groves

Sara Groves
"Other Songs - Sara Groves"

1. Angels Watching (Over Me) playlist
2. Boxer playlist
3. Come Though Fount playlist
4. Fast Asleep playlist
5. It's Going To Be Alright playlist
6. Just Showed Up For My Own Life playlist
7. Morning Will Be On The Other Side playlist
8. Small Piece Of You playlist
9. Starfish playlist
10. Station Wagon playlist
11. Traveling Light (Duet With Joel Hanson) playlist
12. When He Cries playlist

Album Lyrics: Past the Wishing [2000]

Sara Groves
"Past the Wishing [2000]"

1. Awakening playlist
2. Everyday Miracles playlist
3. Glory Come Down playlist
4. Help Me Be New playlist
5. Past the Wishing playlist
6. Rain playlist
7. Song of Solomon playlist
8. Stir My Heart playlist
9. Testimony playlist

Album Lyrics: Conversations [2001]

Sara Groves
"Conversations [2001]"

1. Cave Of Adullum playlist
2. Conversations playlist
3. Generations playlist
4. Going Home playlist
5. He's Always Been Faithful playlist
6. Hello Lord playlist
7. How Is It Between Us playlist
8. Know My Heart playlist
9. Painting Pictures Of Egypt playlist
10. Tent In The Center Of Town playlist
11. The Word playlist
12. This Journey Is My Own playlist
13. What Do I Know playlist

Album Lyrics: City on a Hill: It's Christmas Time [2002]

Sara Groves
"City on a Hill: It's Christmas Time [2002]"

1. Child of Love playlist

Album Lyrics: Fireflies And Songs [2009]

Sara Groves
"Fireflies And Songs [2009]"

1. Different Kinds Of Happy playlist
2. Eyes Wide Open playlist
3. Fireflies And Songs playlist
4. It's Me playlist
5. Like A Lake playlist
6. Love playlist
7. This House playlist
8. Twice As Good playlist

Album Lyrics: Invisible Empires [2011]

Sara Groves
"Invisible Empires [2011]"

1. Eyes On The Prize playlist
2. Finite playlist
3. I'll Wait playlist
4. Miracle playlist
5. Mystery playlist
6. Obsolete playlist
7. Open My Hands playlist
8. Precious Again playlist
9. Scientists In Japan playlist