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Patti Austin
Album Lyrics: Ultimate Collection [1995]

Patti Austin
"Ultimate Collection [1995]"

1. Ability To Swing playlist
2. Givin' In To Love playlist
3. Reach playlist
4. The Girl Who Used To Be Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Patti Austin

Patti Austin
"Other Songs - Patti Austin"

1. All Behind Us Now playlist
2. Any Other Fool playlist
3. By The Grace Of God playlist
4. Captivated playlist
5. Every Home Should Have One playlist
6. First Time Love playlist
7. Hard Hearted Hannah playlist
8. How Do You Keep The Music Playing (With James Ingram) playlist
9. Hurry Home playlist
10. If I Believe playlist
11. In And Out Of Love playlist
12. Leaving Yesterday Behind playlist
13. Let 'em In playlist
14. Let Me Be Me playlist
15. Round And Round playlist
16. Shoot The Moon (Remastered Lp Version) playlist
17. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes playlist
18. Stars In Your Eyes playlist
19. That Secret Place playlist
20. We Are The World 25 playlist

Album Lyrics: 1969-1986 [2009]

Patti Austin
"1969-1986 [2009]"

1. Baby, Come To Me playlist

Album Lyrics: For Ella [2002]

Patti Austin
"For Ella [2002]"

1. Hearing Ella Sing playlist

Album Lyrics: End Of A Rainbow [2006]

Patti Austin
"End Of A Rainbow [2006]"

1. In My Life playlist
2. Say You Love Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Street Of Dreams [2009]

Patti Austin
"Street Of Dreams [2009]"

Album Lyrics: Havana Candy [2003]

Patti Austin
"Havana Candy [2003]"

1. That's Enough For Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Baby Come To Me [2009]

Patti Austin
"Baby Come To Me [2009]"

1. The Heat Of Heat playlist