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Be Good Tanyas
Album Lyrics: Hello Love [2006]

Be Good Tanyas
"Hello Love [2006]"

1. A Thousand Tiny Pieces playlist
2. For The Turnstiles playlist
3. Hello Love playlist
4. Human Thing playlist
5. Nobody Cares For Me playlist
6. Ootischenia playlist
7. Out Of The Wilderness playlist
8. Scattered Leaves playlist
9. What Are They Doing In Heaven Today playlist
10. When Doves Cry playlist

Album Lyrics: Blue Horse [2011]

Be Good Tanyas
"Blue Horse [2011]"

1. Broken Telephone playlist
2. Don't You Fall playlist
3. Light Enough To Travel playlist
4. Momsong playlist
5. Oh Susanna playlist
6. Only In The Past playlist
7. Rain And Snow playlist
8. Up Against The Wall playlist

Album Lyrics: Chinatown [2003]

Be Good Tanyas
"Chinatown [2003]"

1. Dogsong 2 playlist
2. House Of The Rising Sun playlist
3. I Wish My Baby Was Born playlist
4. In My Time Of Dying playlist
5. It's Not Happening playlist
6. Lonesome Blues playlist
7. Midnight Moonlight playlist
8. Reuben playlist
9. Ship Out On The Sea playlist
10. Waiting Around To Die playlist

Album Lyrics: The L Word [2004]

Be Good Tanyas
"The L Word [2004]"

1. In Spite Of All The Damage playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Be Good Tanyas

Be Good Tanyas
"Other Songs - Be Good Tanyas"

1. Junkie Song playlist
2. Lakes Of Pontchartrain playlist
3. Little Black Bear playlist
4. Littlest Birds playlist
5. Rowdy Song playlist
6. The Coo Coo Bird playlist