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James Fauntleroy
Album Lyrics: Other Songs - James Fauntleroy

James Fauntleroy
"Other Songs - James Fauntleroy"

1. Allergic To You playlist
2. Back Seat Girl playlist
3. Back Together playlist
4. Best Part playlist
5. Could Be Us playlist
6. Disappear playlist
7. Everything playlist
8. Feel The Rhythm Tonight playlist
9. Fire Bomb playlist
10. For You (Perfect Song) playlist
11. Go Alone playlist
12. Hold On playlist
13. How Does It Taste playlist
14. I'm A Liar playlist
15. Idiot playlist
16. Innocent playlist
17. Know You playlist
18. Love In You playlist
19. Lover playlist
20. Lovers Henge playlist
21. Marks playlist
22. One playlist
23. Orbit playlist
24. Repeat playlist
25. Senseless playlist
26. Shaking playlist
27. Smile playlist
28. Smoke With Me playlist
29. So Comfortable playlist
30. Stand Back playlist
31. Strength playlist
32. Stuck In The Mirror playlist
33. Ten Minutes To Summer playlist
34. Trust playlist
35. Warmest Winter playlist
36. What Did I Do playlist
37. Wtf playlist
38. Yes playlist
39. Your Speakers Out Ft. Luke playlist