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Jimmy Cliff
Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Jai Kingston

Jimmy Cliff
"Other Songs - Jai Kingston"

1. C'mon Get Happy playlist

Album Lyrics: Sacred Fire [2011]

Jimmy Cliff
"Sacred Fire [2011]"

Album Lyrics: Rebirth [2012]

Jimmy Cliff
"Rebirth [2012]"

Album Lyrics: Many Rivers To Cross [2011]

Jimmy Cliff
"Many Rivers To Cross [2011]"

1. Better Days Are Coming playlist
2. Come Into My Life playlist
3. My Ancestors playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Jimmy Cliff

Jimmy Cliff
"Other Songs - Jimmy Cliff"

1. Big Bad John playlist
2. Bongoman playlist
3. Give The People What The Want playlist
4. Hakuna Matata playlist
5. John Crow playlist
6. Johnny Too Bad playlist
7. Let's Go Dancin' (Ooh, La, La, La) playlist
8. No Justice playlist
9. Piece Of The Pie playlist
10. Rise Up playlist
11. Strugglilng Man playlist
12. Terror (September 11th) playlist
13. Waterfall playlist

Album Lyrics: Universal Master Collection [2004]

Jimmy Cliff
"Universal Master Collection [2004]"

1. Can't Live Without You playlist
2. Going Back West playlist

Album Lyrics: The Kcrw Session [2013]

Jimmy Cliff
"The Kcrw Session [2013]"

1. Guns Of Brixton playlist
2. I Can See Clearly Now playlist
3. Many Rivers To Cross playlist
4. One More playlist
5. Wonderful World, Beautiful People playlist
6. World Upside Down playlist
7. You Can Get It If You Really Want playlist

Album Lyrics: Harder They Come: Definitive Collection [2005]

Jimmy Cliff
"Harder They Come: Definitive Collection [2005]"

1. Club Paradise playlist

Album Lyrics: Follow My Mind [1995]

Jimmy Cliff
"Follow My Mind [1995]"

Album Lyrics: Reggae Legends [2008]

Jimmy Cliff
"Reggae Legends [2008]"

1. Goodbye Yesterday playlist
2. Let Your Yeah Be Yeah playlist
3. Miss Jamaica playlist
4. Sitting In Limbo playlist
5. The Harder They Come playlist

Album Lyrics: Les Indispensables De Jimmy Cliff [2007]

Jimmy Cliff
"Les Indispensables De Jimmy Cliff [2007]"

1. Roots Radical playlist
2. Sunshine In The Music playlist

Album Lyrics: Icon [2013]

Jimmy Cliff
"Icon [2013]"

1. Hard Road To Travel playlist
2. Hello Sunshine playlist
3. Sooner Or Later playlist
4. Sufferin' In The Land playlist
5. Time Will Tell playlist
6. Vietnam playlist
7. Wild World playlist

Album Lyrics: Live & In Studio [2008]

Jimmy Cliff
"Live & In Studio [2008]"

1. Haunted playlist
2. Peace playlist

Album Lyrics: Essential [2006]

Jimmy Cliff
"Essential [2006]"

1. I'm Free playlist
2. I'm Sorry playlist

Album Lyrics: Anthology [2003]

Jimmy Cliff
"Anthology [2003]"

Album Lyrics: Higher & Higher [2007]

Jimmy Cliff
"Higher & Higher [2007]"

1. Rebel In Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Stars 80 - La Compilation Officielle [2012]

Jimmy Cliff
"Stars 80 - La Compilation Officielle [2012]"

1. Reggae Night playlist

Album Lyrics: Shout For Freedom [2002]

Jimmy Cliff
"Shout For Freedom [2002]"

1. Stepping Out Of Limbo playlist

Album Lyrics: We Are All One: The Best Of [2007]

Jimmy Cliff
"We Are All One: The Best Of [2007]"

1. Third World People playlist
2. Treat The Youths Right playlist
3. We All Are One playlist

Album Lyrics: Messenger: Very Best Of Reggaes Original Soul Star [2007]

Jimmy Cliff
"Messenger: Very Best Of Reggaes Original Soul Star [2007]"

1. Use What I Got playlist

Album Lyrics: Island Reggae Classics: Jimmy Cliff [2007]

Jimmy Cliff
"Island Reggae Classics: Jimmy Cliff [2007]"

1. When You're Young playlist