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Tribal Seeds
Album Lyrics: Representing [2014]

Tribal Seeds

1. Representing feat. Vaughn Benjamin playlist
2. Rock the Night feat. Maad T-Ray playlist
3. Fill It Up feat. Gonzo & New Kingston playlist
4. In Your Area feat. Kyle McDonald (Slightly Stoopid) playlist
5. Moonlight playlist
6. Ruined playlist
7. Blood Clot feat. Don Carlos playlist
8. Undercover Lover feat. Gonzo playlist
9. Night & Day playlist
10. Herb Stock feat. Mykal Rose playlist
11. Don’t Wait playlist
12. Lonely Night playlist

Album Lyrics: Run the Show SINGLE [2012]

Tribal Seeds
"Run the Show SINGLE"

1. Run The Show playlist

Album Lyrics: SoundWaves EP [2011]

Tribal Seeds
"SoundWaves EP"

1. Soundwaves feat. Eric Rachmany of Rebelution playlist
2. I'll Return Again playlist
3. Right On Time playlist
4. Slow playlist
5. In Your Eyes playlist

Album Lyrics: The Harvest [2009]

Tribal Seeds
"The Harvest"

1. The Garden playlist
2. Warning feat. Sonny Sandoval playlist
3. All I Know playlist
4. Stillness of Night playlist
5. Herby playlist
6. Love Psalm playlist
7. Come Around feat. Whiteboy John playlist
8. 144,000 playlist
9. Away playlist
10. Mad Man playlist
11. Night Raver playlist
12. Libertad feat. Dready playlist
13. The Harvest playlist
14. Vampire feat. Whiteboy John playlist

Album Lyrics: Tribal Seeds [2008]

Tribal Seeds
"Tribal Seeds"

1. Youth Rebellion playlist
2. Rider playlist
3. Dawn of Time playlist
4. Creator playlist
5. Dolls Dancing playlist
6. Beautiful Mysterious playlist
7. Roman Leader playlist
8. Island Girl playlist
9. Warrior playlist
10. Rasta, Refuse it playlist
11. Tulasi playlist
12. Lost Paradise playlist
13. Jah Stone playlist
14. Sun n' Water playlist
15. Dark Angel playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Tomorrow People

Tribal Seeds
"Other Songs - Tomorrow People"

1. Did Wrong playlist