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Lou Donaldson
Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Lou Donaldson

Lou Donaldson
"Other Songs - Lou Donaldson"

1. Don't Worry 'bout Me playlist
2. Exactly Like You playlist
3. Good Morning Heartache playlist
4. Laura playlist
5. Pennies From Heaven playlist
6. Star Dust playlist
7. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life playlist
8. Day By Day playlist
9. I Had The Craziest Dream playlist
10. I'll Be There playlist
11. Just Friends playlist
12. People Will Say We're In Love playlist
13. Sweet And Lovely playlist
14. The Shadow Of Your Smile playlist
15. When You're Smiling (The Whole World Smiles With You) playlist

Album Lyrics: 8 Classic Albums [2011]

Lou Donaldson
"8 Classic Albums [2011]"

1. It's You Or No One playlist

Album Lyrics: Time Is Right [2005]

Lou Donaldson
"Time Is Right [2005]"

1. Be My Love playlist

Album Lyrics: Blue Note Years 14 [2004]

Lou Donaldson
"Blue Note Years 14 [2004]"

1. Blue Moon playlist

Album Lyrics: Gravy Train [2000]

Lou Donaldson
"Gravy Train [2000]"

1. Candy playlist

Album Lyrics: Artist Selects [2005]

Lou Donaldson
"Artist Selects [2005]"

1. Caravan playlist

Album Lyrics: Good Gracious [1997]

Lou Donaldson
"Good Gracious [1997]"

1. Don't Worry 'bout Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Different Scene / Color As A Way Of Life [2007]

Lou Donaldson
"Different Scene / Color As A Way Of Life [2007]"

1. Ebb Tide playlist
2. Temptation playlist

Album Lyrics: Forgotten Man [1999]

Lou Donaldson
"Forgotten Man [1999]"

1. Exactly Like You playlist

Album Lyrics: The Scorpion/live At The Cadillac Club [1995]

Lou Donaldson
"The Scorpion/live At The Cadillac Club [1995]"

1. Laura playlist

Album Lyrics: Bird Seed [1992]

Lou Donaldson
"Bird Seed [1992]"

1. Pennies From Heaven playlist

Album Lyrics: Man With A Horn [1999]

Lou Donaldson
"Man With A Horn [1999]"

1. Prisoner Of Love playlist
2. Star Dust playlist