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Elkie Brooks
Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Elkie Brooks

Elkie Brooks
"Other Songs - Elkie Brooks"

1. Ain't Misbehavin' playlist
2. Butterfly Bleu playlist
3. Can't Find My Way Home playlist
4. Circles playlist
5. Fine And Mellow playlist
6. Fool (If You Think It's Over) playlist
7. Hard Habit To Break playlist
8. He's A Rebel playlist
9. Is This Love playlist
10. Maybe I'm Amazed playlist
11. What's Your Story Mornin' Glory playlist
12. Don't Cry Out Loud playlist
13. Don't Explain playlist
14. Drinking Again playlist
15. I Cried For You playlist
16. I'm Gonna Make You Love Me playlist
17. My Foolish Heart playlist

Album Lyrics: Electric Lady [2005]

Elkie Brooks
"Electric Lady [2005]"

1. Groom Still Waiting At The Altar playlist
2. Trailer Trash playlist
3. Try Harder playlist

Album Lyrics: Don't Cry Out Loud [2005]

Elkie Brooks
"Don't Cry Out Loud [2005]"

1. No More The Fool playlist
2. Out Of The Rain playlist
3. Gasoline Alley playlist

Album Lyrics: Silver Collection [2008]

Elkie Brooks
"Silver Collection [2008]"

1. Pearl's A Singer playlist

Album Lyrics: Two Days Away [1977]

Elkie Brooks
"Two Days Away [1977]"

1. Saved playlist
2. Spiritland playlist

Album Lyrics: Best Of [2000]

Elkie Brooks
"Best Of [2000]"

1. Sunshine After The Rain playlist

Album Lyrics: Live And Learn [1979]

Elkie Brooks
"Live And Learn [1979]"

1. Who's Making Love playlist

Album Lyrics: No More The Fool [1986]

Elkie Brooks
"No More The Fool [1986]"

1. Break The Chain playlist

Album Lyrics: Pearls Concert [2000]

Elkie Brooks
"Pearls Concert [2000]"

1. Can't Find My Way Home playlist
2. Do Right Woman playlist

Album Lyrics: Inspiration [2001]

Elkie Brooks
"Inspiration [2001]"

1. Every Little Bit Hurts playlist
2. Hard Habit To Break playlist
3. Is This Love playlist
4. Maybe I'm Amazed playlist

Album Lyrics: Gold & Blues [1979]

Elkie Brooks
"Gold & Blues [1979]"

1. Please Send Me Someone To Love playlist

Album Lyrics: Pop Masters [2011]

Elkie Brooks
"Pop Masters [2011]"

1. Stairway To Heaven playlist