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Larry Santos
Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Larry Santos

Larry Santos
"Other Songs - Larry Santos"

1. Call Me Janis playlist
2. I Hope We Get To Love In Time playlist
3. In One Ear And Out The Other playlist
4. Just A Man playlist
5. Listen To Yourself playlist
6. Long, Long Time playlist
7. Paper Chase playlist
8. We Can't Hide It Anymore playlist
9. Ain't No Sunshine playlist
10. Bridge Over Troubled Water playlist
11. It Takes Two playlist
12. Natural Woman playlist
13. Sharing Shows You're Caring playlist
14. Sweet Caroline playlist
15. Take The Bows playlist
16. We're A Team playlist
17. Where You Are playlist
18. Enjoy The Year You're Living playlist
19. Everybody Has Their Feelings playlist
20. Get To Know Your Feelings playlist
21. Don't Take The Easy Way Out playlist
22. Some Kind Of A Summer playlist
23. Be Yourself playlist
24. Don't Bite Off More Than You Can Chew playlist
25. Don't Give Up The Ship playlist
26. Figure It Out playlist
27. Get Your Act Together playlist
28. Give Everyone A Chance playlist
29. I Look For The Sun playlist
30. I Think You're Beautiful playlist
31. I Want To Be A Tiger playlist
32. If I Ever See Mary Again playlist
33. Life Just Seems To Work Out That Way playlist
34. The Pledge Of Allegiance - Believe In America playlist
35. Think It Over playlist
36. When You Know Seymour playlist
37. You're My Friend playlist

Album Lyrics: Just A Man [1969]

Larry Santos
"Just A Man [1969]"

1. Just A Man playlist
2. Paper Chase playlist
3. You Got Me Where You Want Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Legacy [1973]

Larry Santos
"Legacy [1973]"

1. Ain't No Sunshine playlist
2. Natural Woman playlist
3. Proud Mary playlist
4. Some Kind Of A Summer playlist

Album Lyrics: Don't Let The Music Stop [1977]

Larry Santos
"Don't Let The Music Stop [1977]"

1. I Hope We Get To Love In Time playlist

Album Lyrics: Viva Arriva [1996]

Larry Santos
"Viva Arriva [1996]"

1. Georgia On My Mind playlist
2. Honkey Tonk Woman playlist
3. Hurts So Good playlist
4. I Don't Know Why playlist
5. My Old Man playlist
6. Sometimes When We Touch playlist
7. Tonight's The Night (Gonna Be Alright) playlist
8. We Can't Hide It Anymore playlist
9. What'll I Do playlist

Album Lyrics: Mornin' Sun [1969]

Larry Santos
"Mornin' Sun [1969]"

1. Both Sides Now playlist
2. Bridge Over Troubled Water playlist
3. Get Together playlist
4. I Keep It Hid playlist
5. Mornin' Sun playlist
6. Sweet Caroline playlist

Album Lyrics: Larry Santos [1975]

Larry Santos
"Larry Santos [1975]"

1. Call Me Janis playlist

Album Lyrics: You Are Everything I Need [1976]

Larry Santos
"You Are Everything I Need [1976]"

1. Early In The Mornin' playlist
2. If I Never See Mary Again playlist
3. Long, Long Time playlist
4. Lovin' Woman playlist
5. You Are Everything I Need playlist

Album Lyrics: Interplay [1980]

Larry Santos
"Interplay [1980]"

1. There Goes My Baby playlist