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Roger McGuinn
Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Roger McGuinn

Roger McGuinn
"Other Songs - Roger McGuinn"

1. American Girl playlist
2. Angel playlist
3. Bag Full Of Money playlist
4. Better Change playlist
5. Gate Of Horn playlist
6. I'm So Restless playlist
7. Lover Of The Bayou playlist
8. M' Linda playlist
9. One More Cup Of Coffee playlist
10. Pete's Song playlist
11. Pretty Polly playlist
12. Rock And Roll Time playlist
13. Round Table playlist
14. The Lady playlist
15. The Star Spangled Banner playlist
16. Trouble In Mind playlist
17. Willie Moore playlist
18. Without You playlist
19. You Showed Me (Intro) playlist
20. Your Love Is A Gold Mine playlist
21. Bonnie Ship The Diamond playlist
22. Dixie Highway playlist
23. Do What You Want To Do playlist
24. Dreamland [Live] playlist
25. Heartbreak Hotel (Intro) playlist
26. In The Evenin' playlist
27. John Henry playlist
28. Sail Away Lady playlist
29. The Virgin Mary playlist
30. The Water Is Wide playlist
31. Tiffany Queen playlist
32. Wasn't Born To Follow [Live][*] playlist
33. We Can Do It All Over Again playlist
34. Why Baby Why playlist
35. You Bowed Down playlist

Album Lyrics: Back From Rio [1991]

Roger McGuinn
"Back From Rio [1991]"

1. If We Never Meet Again playlist
2. King Of The Hill playlist
3. Suddenly Blue playlist
4. The Time Has Come playlist
5. Your Love Is A Gold Mine playlist

Album Lyrics: Thunderbyrd [1977]

Roger McGuinn
"Thunderbyrd [1977]"

1. American Girl playlist

Album Lyrics: Roger McGuinn [1973]

Roger McGuinn
"Roger McGuinn [1973]"

1. Bag Full Of Money playlist
2. I'm So Restless playlist
3. M'Linda playlist

Album Lyrics: Peace On You [1974]

Roger McGuinn
"Peace On You [1974]"

1. Better Change playlist
2. Gate Of Horn playlist
3. Same Old Sound playlist
4. The Lady playlist
5. Together playlist
6. Without You playlist

Album Lyrics: Cardiff Rose [1976]

Roger McGuinn
"Cardiff Rose [1976]"

1. Jolly Roger playlist
2. Pretty Polly playlist
3. Rock And Roll Time playlist
4. Round Table playlist

Album Lyrics: Roger McGuinn & Band [1975]

Roger McGuinn
"Roger McGuinn & Band [1975]"

1. Lover Of The Bayou playlist