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Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Goatwhore

"Other Songs - Goatwhore"

1. A Haunting Curse... playlist
2. Alchemy Of The Black Sun Cult playlist
3. All The Sins playlist
4. An End To Nothing playlist
5. As The Sun Turns To Ash playlist
6. Baptized In A Storm Of Swords playlist
7. Bloodguilt Eucharist playlist
8. Bloodletting Upon The Cloven Hoof playlist
9. Chanting Bells Of Funeral Anguish playlist
10. Collapse In Eternal Worth playlist
11. Death To The Architects Of Heaven playlist
12. Desolate Path To Apocalyptic Ruin playlist
13. Diabolical Submergence Of Rebirth playlist
14. Forever Consumed Oblivion playlist
15. Gravedom playlist
16. Graveyards And Dead Angels playlist
17. I Avenge Myself playlist
18. In Deathless Tradition playlist
19. Into A Darker Sun playlist
20. Invert The Virgin playlist
21. Judgement Of The Bleeding Crown playlist
22. Lair Of Nastrond playlist
23. My Name Is Frightful Among The Believers playlist
24. Nocturnal Holocaust playlist
25. Parasitic Scriptures Of The Sacred Word playlist
26. Perversions Of The Ancient Goat playlist
27. Satans' Millennium playlist
28. Sky Inferno playlist
29. The Beauty In Suffering playlist
30. The Serpent That Enslaves What Is Worshipped playlist
31. Under A Dark God playlist
32. Upon This Deathbed Of Cold Fire playlist
33. Vengeance Of Demonic Fury playlist
34. Wear These Scars Of Testimony playlist
35. When Steel And Bone Meet playlist

Album Lyrics: Carving out the Eyes of God [2009]

"Carving out the Eyes of God [2009]"

1. In Legions, I Am Wars Of Wrath playlist
2. Provoking The Ritual Of Death playlist
3. To Mourn And Forever Wander Through Forgotten Doorways playlist