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Tom Cochrane
Album Lyrics: Mad Mad World [1992]

Tom Cochrane
"Mad Mad World [1992]"

1. All The Kings Men playlist
2. Bigger Man playlist
3. Emotional Truth playlist
4. Everything Comes Around playlist
5. Friendly Advice playlist
6. Get Back Up playlist
7. Life Is A Highway playlist
8. Mad Mad World playlist
9. No Regrets playlist
10. Sinking Like A Sunset playlist
11. The Secret Is To Know When To Stop playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Tom Cochrane

Tom Cochrane
"Other Songs - Tom Cochrane"

1. Among The Ruins (I'll Be There) playlist
2. Amoung The Ruins playlist
3. Art Of Listening playlist
4. Ashes To Diamonds playlist
5. Avenue A playlist
6. Beacon Hill playlist
7. Beautiful Day playlist
8. Breaking Curfew playlist
9. Can't Turn Back playlist
10. Don't Fight It playlist
11. Heartbreak Girl playlist
12. I Wonder playlist
13. Lasting Song playlist
14. Love Under Fire playlist
15. Make Myself Complete playlist
16. Ragged Ass Road playlist
17. River Of Stone playlist
18. Son's Beat Down playlist
19. Stonecutter's Arms playlist
20. Talkin' To Myself playlist
21. The Untouchable One playlist
22. This Is The World playlist
23. Victory Day playlist
24. Walking The Fine Line playlist
25. Willie Dixon Said playlist
26. Windy Night In Fall playlist
27. Dreamer's Dream playlist
28. Marianne And Lenny playlist
29. Message (Rise Up Again) playlist
30. Northern Frontier playlist
31. Not So Far Away playlist
32. Power (Strength In Numbers) playlist

Album Lyrics: Hang On To Your Resistance: The Early Years [2006]

Tom Cochrane
"Hang On To Your Resistance: The Early Years [2006]"

1. Another Page playlist
2. Charlie Was A Dancer playlist
3. Didn't I Lorraine playlist
4. Hang On To Your Resistance playlist
5. When I'm With You playlist

Album Lyrics: Victory Day [2007]

Tom Cochrane
"Victory Day [2007]"

1. Big League playlist
2. Calling America playlist
3. Good Times playlist
4. Vacation (In My Mind) playlist
5. Victory Day playlist

Album Lyrics: Songs Of A Circling Spirit [2007]

Tom Cochrane
"Songs Of A Circling Spirit [2007]"

1. Boy Inside The Man playlist
2. Brave And Crazy playlist
3. Human Race playlist
4. I Wish You Well playlist
5. Lunatic Fringe playlist
6. Napoleon Sheds His Skin playlist
7. Washed Away playlist
8. White Hot playlist

Album Lyrics: No Stranger [2006]

Tom Cochrane
"No Stranger [2006]"

1. Deep Breath playlist

Album Lyrics: Ragged Ass Road [1995]

Tom Cochrane
"Ragged Ass Road [1995]"

1. Flowers In The Concrete playlist
2. Just Scream playlist
3. Wildest Dreams playlist
4. Will Of The Gun playlist