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Guided by Voices
Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Guided by Voices

Guided by Voices
"Other Songs - Guided by Voices"

1. (i Wanna Be A) Dumbcharger playlist
2. A Crick Uphill playlist
3. An Unmarketed Product playlist
4. As We Go Up We Go Down playlist
5. Big Chief Chinese Restaurant playlist
6. Blimpe Go 90 playlist
7. Canteen Plums playlist
8. Deaf Ears playlist
9. Dodging Invisible Rays playlist
10. Evil Speakers playlist
11. Ex-Supermodel playlist
12. He's The Uncle playlist
13. Heavy Metal Country playlist
14. Hit playlist
15. I'm Cold playlist
16. Interest Position playlist
17. Knock 'Em Flying playlist
18. My Son Cool playlist
19. Not Good For The Mechanism playlist
20. Now To War [Live] playlist
21. Postal Blowfish playlist
22. Sometimes I Cry playlist
23. Stabbing A Star playlist
24. Strumpet Eye playlist
25. Systems Crash playlist
26. The Head playlist
27. The Who Vs. Porky Pig playlist
28. The Winter Cows playlist
29. Wrecking Now playlist
30. Zoo Pie playlist
31. Atom Eyes playlist
32. Avalanche Aminos playlist
33. Beekeeper Seeks Ruth playlist
34. Color Of My Blade playlist
35. Fly Into Ashes [Demo Outtake][Outtake] playlist
36. I Am The Walrus playlist
37. If We Wait playlist
38. June Salutes You! playlist
39. Melted Pat playlist
40. Mice Feel Nice (In My Room) playlist
41. Mobile playlist
42. My Valuable Hunting Knife playlist
43. Optical Hopscotch playlist
44. Subtle Gear Shifting playlist
45. Why Did You Land playlist
46. Bright Paper Werewolves playlist
47. A Life In Finer Clothing playlist
48. A Salty Salute [Live] playlist
49. Can't Hear The Revolution playlist
50. Cocksoldiers And Their Postwar Stubble playlist
51. Delayed Reaction Brats playlist
52. King & Caroline playlist
53. Raphael playlist
54. Redmen And Their Wives playlist
55. Surgical Focus playlist
56. The Key Losers playlist
57. To Remake The Young Flyer playlist
58. Tropical Robots playlist
59. Underground Initiations playlist

Album Lyrics: Earthquake Glue [2000]

Guided by Voices
"Earthquake Glue [2000]"

1. A Trophy Mule In Particular playlist
2. Beat Your Wings playlist
3. Useless Inventions playlist

Album Lyrics: Mag Earwhig [1997]

Guided by Voices
"Mag Earwhig [1997]"

1. Are You Faster playlist
2. Bomb In The Bee-Hive playlist
3. Bulldog Skin playlist
4. Choking Tara playlist
5. I Am A Tree playlist
6. I Am Produced playlist
7. Jane Of The Waking Universe playlist
8. Learning To Hunt playlist
9. Little Lines playlist
10. Not Behind The Fighter Jet playlist
11. Portable Men's Society playlist
12. The Colussus Crawls West playlist
13. The Finest Joke Is Upon Us playlist
14. The Old Grunt playlist
15. Mute Superstar playlist

Album Lyrics: Universal Truths and Cycles [2000]

Guided by Voices
"Universal Truths and Cycles [2000]"

1. Back To The Lake playlist
2. Car Language playlist
3. Cheyenne playlist
4. Christian Animation Torch Carriers playlist
5. Eureka Signs playlist
6. Everywhere With Helicopter playlist
7. Father Sgt. Christmas Card playlist
8. From A Voice Plantation playlist
9. Pretty Bombs playlist
10. Skin Parade playlist
11. Storm Vibrations playlist
12. The Ids Are Alright playlist
13. The Weeping Bogeyman playlist
14. Universal Truths And Cycles playlist
15. Wings Of Thorn playlist
16. Zap playlist

Album Lyrics: Under The Bushes Under The Stars [1996]

Guided by Voices
"Under The Bushes Under The Stars [1996]"

1. Burning Flag Birthday Suit playlist
2. Don't Stop Now playlist
3. Drag Days playlist
4. Look At Them playlist
5. No Sky playlist
6. Office Of Hearts playlist
7. The Official Ironmen Rally Song playlist
8. Your Name Is Wild playlist
9. Acorns & Orioles playlist
10. Cut-Out Witch playlist
11. Lord Of Overstock playlist
12. Man Called Aerodynamics playlist
13. Atom Eyes playlist
14. Bright Paper Werewolves playlist
15. Underwater Explosions playlist

Album Lyrics: Live From Austin, Tx [2007]

Guided by Voices
"Live From Austin, Tx [2007]"

1. Game Of Pricks playlist
2. Sad If I Lost It playlist
3. Teenage Fbi playlist

Album Lyrics: Do the Collapse [1999]

Guided by Voices
"Do the Collapse [1999]"

1. Hold On Hope playlist
2. An Unmarketed Product playlist
3. Mushroom Art playlist
4. Picture Me Big Time playlist
5. Strumpet Eye playlist
6. Things I Will Keep playlist
7. Wormhole playlist
8. Wrecking Now playlist
9. Zoo Pie playlist
10. Dragons Awake! playlist
11. Optical Hopscotch playlist

Album Lyrics: Alien Lanes [1995]

Guided by Voices
"Alien Lanes [1995]"

1. Motor Away playlist
2. (i Wanna Be A) Dumbcharger playlist
3. Big Chief Chinese Restaurant playlist
4. Chicken Blows playlist
5. Evil Speakers playlist
6. Ex-Supermodel playlist
7. Hit playlist
8. My Son Cool playlist
9. My Valuable Hunting Knife playlist

Album Lyrics: Selective Service [2000]

Guided by Voices
"Selective Service [2000]"

1. Travels playlist