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Roots, The
Album Lyrics: Do You Want More?!!!??!

Roots, The
"Do You Want More?!!!??!"

1. Intro/There's Something Goin' On playlist
2. Proceed playlist
3. Distortion To Static playlist
4. Mellow My Man playlist
5. I Remain Calm playlist
6. Datskat playlist
7. Lazy Afternoon playlist
8. Do You Want More?!!!??! playlist
9. What Goes On Pt. 7 playlist
10. Essaywhuman?!!!??! playlist
11. Swept Away playlist
12. You Ain't Fly playlist
13. Silent Treatment playlist
14. The Lesson Pt. 1 playlist
15. The Unlocking playlist

Album Lyrics: The Roots Come Alive

Roots, The
"The Roots Come Alive"

1. Proceed playlist
2. Mellow My Man playlist
3. Essaywhuman?!!!??! playlist
4. Silent Treatment playlist
5. The Next Movement playlist
6. Step Into The Realm playlist
7. The Ultimate playlist
8. Don't See Us playlist
9. 100percent Dundee playlist
10. Adrenaline! playlist
11. The Notic playlist
12. You Got Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Illadelph Halflife

Roots, The
"Illadelph Halflife"

1. Respond/React playlist
2. Section playlist
3. Panic!!!!!! playlist
4. It Just Don't Stop playlist
5. Episodes playlist
6. Push Up Ya Lighter playlist
7. What They Do playlist
8. Concerto Of The Desperado playlist
9. Clones playlist
10. Universe At War playlist
11. No Alibi playlist
12. No Great Pretender playlist
13. The Hypnotic playlist
14. Ital (The Universal Side) playlist
15. The Adventures In Wonderland playlist

Album Lyrics: Organix

Roots, The

1. The Roots Is Comin' playlist
2. Pass The Popcorn playlist
3. The Anti-Circle playlist
4. Writter's Block playlist
5. Good Music (Preclude) playlist
6. Good Music playlist
7. Grits playlist
8. Leonard I-V playlist
9. I'm Out Deah playlist
10. Essawhamah? (Live) playlist
11. Popcorn Revisited playlist
12. Peace playlist
13. Common Dust playlist
14. The Session playlist

Album Lyrics: Things Fall Apart

Roots, The
"Things Fall Apart"

1. The Next Movement playlist
2. Step Into The Realm playlist
3. Don't See Us playlist
4. 100percent Dundee playlist
5. Adrenaline! playlist
6. You Got Me playlist
7. Act Won (Things Fall Apart) playlist
8. Table Of Contents (Parts 1 & 2) playlist
9. The Spark playlist
10. Dynamite! playlist
11. Without A Doubt playlist
12. Ain't Sayin' Nothing New playlist
13. Double Trouble playlist
14. Act Too (The Love Of My Life) playlist
15. Diedre Vs. Dice playlist
16. The Return To Innocence Lost playlist
17. Act Fore (The End?) playlist

Album Lyrics: Phrenology

Roots, The

1. Phrentrow playlist
2. Rock You playlist
3. Sacrifice playlist
4. Rolling With Heat playlist
5. Thought @ Work playlist
6. The Seed (2,0) playlist
7. Break You Off playlist
8. Water playlist
9. Quills playlist
10. Pussy Galore playlist
11. Complexity playlist
12. Something In The Way Of Things (In Town) playlist

Album Lyrics: The Tipping Point

Roots, The
"The Tipping Point"

1. Star/Pintro playlist
2. I Don't Care playlist
3. Don't Say Nuthin' playlist
4. Guns Are Drawn playlist
5. Stay Cool playlist
6. Web playlist
7. Boom! playlist
8. Somebody's Gotta Do It playlist
9. Duck Down! playlist
10. Why (What's Goin' On?) playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Roots, The

Roots, The
"Other Songs - Roots, The"

1. Act Too - Love of My Life (Remix) playlist
2. Distortion to Static (Freestyle Mix) playlist
3. For the Love of Money playlist
4. Glitches playlist
5. Proceed II playlist
6. Proceed III playlist
7. Proceed IV (Aj Shine's Proceed Without A Pause) playlist
8. Proceed V playlist
9. Rhymes And Ammo playlist
10. Tao of The Machine playlist
11. The 'Notic playlist
12. The Good The Bad And The Desolate playlist
13. The Show playlist
14. What You Want playlist