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Album Lyrics: Live In Concert - Greatest Hits And More [2008]

"Live In Concert - Greatest Hits And More [2008]"

1. A Girl Like You playlist
2. Behind The Wall Of Sleep playlist
3. Blood And Roses playlist
4. Especially For You playlist
5. Miles From Nowhere playlist
6. Only A Memory playlist
7. She's Got A Way playlist
8. Top Of The Pops playlist

Album Lyrics: Tommy [2009]

"Tommy [2009]"

1. Acid Queen playlist
2. Amazing Journey playlist
3. Christmas playlist
4. Go To The Mirror playlist
5. I'm Free playlist
6. Overture playlist
7. Pinball Wizard playlist
8. Sensation playlist

Album Lyrics: 2011 [2011]

"2011 [2011]"

1. All The Same playlist
2. Goodnight Goodbye playlist
3. Nobody Lives Forever playlist
4. One Look At You playlist
5. Rings On Her Fingers playlist
6. Sorry playlist
7. Turn It Around playlist
8. Viennese Hangover playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Smithereens

"Other Songs - Smithereens"

1. Alone At Midnight playlist
2. Cut Flowers playlist
3. Everything I Have Is Blue playlist
4. Girl In Room playlist
5. Groovy Tuesday playlist
6. House At The End Of The World playlist
7. It Don't Come Easy playlist
8. Love Is Gone playlist
9. Someday playlist
10. Time Won't Let Me playlist
11. Don't Bother Me playlist
12. Drown In My Own Tears playlist
13. I Believe playlist
14. I Wanna Be Your Man playlist
15. It's A Boy playlist
16. Something New playlist
17. Tommy, Can You Hear Me playlist
18. You Really Got Me [Live][#] playlist

Album Lyrics: Blow Up [1991]

"Blow Up [1991]"

1. Anywhere You Are playlist
2. Get A Hold Of My Heart playlist
3. Indigo Blues playlist
4. It's Alright playlist
5. Over And Over Again playlist

Album Lyrics: B-Sides The Beatles [1995]

"B-Sides The Beatles [1995]"

1. Ask Me Why playlist
2. I Don't Want To Spoil The Party playlist
3. I'm Happy Just To Dance With You playlist
4. If I Fell playlist
5. Slow Down playlist
6. Some Other Guy playlist
7. You Can't Do That playlist

Album Lyrics: Anthology: From Jersey It Came [2004]

"Anthology: From Jersey It Came [2004]"

1. Blues Before And After playlist
2. Downbound train playlist
3. Evening Dress playlist
4. Now And Then playlist
5. Strangers When We Meet playlist
6. Tell Me When Did Things Go So Wrong playlist
7. Too Much Passion playlist