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Dionne Warwick
Album Lyrics: The Windows Of The World/valley Of The Dolls [2007]

Dionne Warwick
"The Windows Of The World/valley Of The Dolls [2007]"

1. (Theme From) Valley Of The Dolls playlist

Album Lyrics: Now [2012]

Dionne Warwick
"Now [2012]"

1. (there's) Always Something There To Remind Me playlist
2. Are You There (With Another Girl) playlist
3. Don't Make Me Over playlist
4. I Say A Little Prayer playlist

Album Lyrics: Sight & Sound: Live In Concert [2008]

Dionne Warwick
"Sight & Sound: Live In Concert [2008]"

1. A House Is Not A Home playlist
2. Do You Know The Way To San Jose playlist
3. Here I Am playlist
4. What The World Needs Now Is Love playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Dionne Warwick

Dionne Warwick
"Other Songs - Dionne Warwick"

1. After You playlist
2. All Kinds Of People playlist
3. Arthur's Theme playlist
4. As Long As There's An Apple Tree (Lp Version) playlist
5. Begin The Beguine playlist
6. Beginning Of Loneliness (Lp Version) playlist
7. Finder Of Lost Loves [Duet] playlist
8. Hey Jude playlist
9. Knowing When To Leave playlist
10. La Vie En Rose [English Version] playlist
11. Let Me Go To Him (Lp Version) playlist
12. Love At Second Sight playlist
13. Love Begins With You playlist
14. Make The Music Play (Lp Version) playlist
15. Message To Michael (Message To Martha) playlist
16. Moments Aren't Moments playlist
17. Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang playlist
18. On My Way playlist
19. Paper Mache (Lp Version) playlist
20. Put Yourself In My Place playlist
21. Summertime playlist
22. The April Fools playlist
23. The Wine Is Young (Lp Version) playlist
24. Trains And Boats And Planes playlist
25. Who Knows playlist
26. You've Lost That Lovin Feeling playlist

Album Lyrics: S.O.U.L [2011]

Dionne Warwick
"S.O.U.L [2011]"

1. Alfie playlist
2. Anyone Who Had A Heart playlist
3. Heartbreaker playlist
4. I'll Never Fall In Love Again playlist
5. I'll Never Love This Way Again playlist
6. That's What Friends Are For playlist
7. Walk On By playlist

Album Lyrics: Only Trust Your Heart [2011]

Dionne Warwick
"Only Trust Your Heart [2011]"

1. And Then You Kissed Me playlist
2. Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are playlist
3. I'll Never Stop Loving You playlist
4. Keep Me In Mind playlist
5. Only Trust Your Heart playlist
6. Pocketful Of Miracles playlist
7. Some Other Time playlist
8. Wonder Why playlist

Album Lyrics: Anyone Who Had A Heart [2007]

Dionne Warwick
"Anyone Who Had A Heart [2007]"

1. Any Old Time Of Day playlist
2. Please Make Him Love Me playlist
3. Shall I Tell Her playlist

Album Lyrics: My Favorite Time of the Year [2004]

Dionne Warwick
"My Favorite Time of the Year [2004]"

Album Lyrics: Hot Live & Otherwise [2008]

Dionne Warwick
"Hot Live & Otherwise [2008]"

1. Deja Vu playlist
2. Some Changes Are For Good playlist

Album Lyrics: I Say A Little Prayer [2009]

Dionne Warwick
"I Say A Little Prayer [2009]"

Album Lyrics: How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye/friends In Love [2010]

Dionne Warwick
"How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye/friends In Love [2010]"

1. Friends In Love playlist

Album Lyrics: Make Way For Dionne/sensitive Sound [2000]

Dionne Warwick
"Make Way For Dionne/sensitive Sound [2000]"

1. Make The Night A Little Longer playlist
2. People playlist

Album Lyrics: The Complete Warner Bros. Singles [2013]

Dionne Warwick
"The Complete Warner Bros. Singles [2013]"

Album Lyrics: Here I Am [1965]

Dionne Warwick
"Here I Am [1965]"

1. If I Ever Make You Cry playlist
2. Looking With My Eyes playlist

Album Lyrics: Just Being Myself [2005]

Dionne Warwick
"Just Being Myself [2005]"

1. I Always Get Caught In The Rain playlist

Album Lyrics: Dionne Sings Dionne Vol 2 [2001]

Dionne Warwick
"Dionne Sings Dionne Vol 2 [2001]"

1. In Between The Heartaches playlist

Album Lyrics: Track of the Cat [1975]

Dionne Warwick
"Track of the Cat [1975]"

Album Lyrics: On Stage & In The Movies [2007]

Dionne Warwick
"On Stage & In The Movies [2007]"

Album Lyrics: No Night So Long [2010]

Dionne Warwick
"No Night So Long [2010]"

1. No Night So Long playlist
2. We Never Said Goodbye playlist

Album Lyrics: Most Famous Hits [2000]

Dionne Warwick
"Most Famous Hits [2000]"

1. Only Love Can Break A Heart playlist
2. Promises, Promises playlist

Album Lyrics: Can't Hide Love: The Collection [2007]

Dionne Warwick
"Can't Hide Love: The Collection [2007]"

1. Run To Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Platinum & Gold Collection [2007]

Dionne Warwick
"Platinum & Gold Collection [2007]"

1. Take The Short Way Home playlist

Album Lyrics: Very Dionne [1970]

Dionne Warwick
"Very Dionne [1970]"

1. They Don't Give Medals To Yesterday's Heroes playlist
2. Who Gets The Guy playlist

Album Lyrics: Make Way For Dionne Warwick [1964]

Dionne Warwick
"Make Way For Dionne Warwick [1964]"

1. You'll Never Get To Heaven playlist

Album Lyrics: Legends [2005]

Dionne Warwick
"Legends [2005]"

1. Whisper In The Dark playlist