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Kathy Troccoli
Album Lyrics: Love And Mercy [1997]

Kathy Troccoli
"Love And Mercy [1997]"

1. A Baby's Prayer playlist
2. All Glory To God playlist
3. Faithful To Me playlist
4. He'll Never Leave Me playlist
5. Help Me God playlist
6. Love One Another playlist

Album Lyrics: Kathy Troccoli - Greatest Hits [2003]

Kathy Troccoli
"Kathy Troccoli - Greatest Hits [2003]"

1. A Different Road playlist
2. Everything Changes playlist
3. Go Light Your World playlist
4. Help Myself To You playlist
5. Holy, Holy playlist
6. I Will Choose Christ playlist
7. Love Has A Name playlist
8. Sounds Of Heaven playlist
9. Stubborn Love playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Kathy Troccoli

Kathy Troccoli
"Other Songs - Kathy Troccoli"

1. At Your Mercy playlist
2. Break My Heart playlist
3. Each Moment playlist
4. Embraceable You playlist
5. He Will Make A Way playlist
6. I Want To Know What Love Is playlist
7. I'm Gonna Fight For You playlist
8. If I'm Not In Love playlist
9. Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! playlist
10. Love Has Came playlist
11. May I Be His Love playlist
12. Only Always playlist
13. Parade playlist
14. Pick Yourself Up playlist
15. Psalm 23 playlist
16. Home For The Holidays playlist
17. The Trolley Song playlist

Album Lyrics: Comfort [2005]

Kathy Troccoli
"Comfort [2005]"

1. Goodbye For Now playlist
2. How Would I Know playlist
3. When I Look At You playlist

Album Lyrics: Draw Me Close: Songs Of Worship [2005]

Kathy Troccoli
"Draw Me Close: Songs Of Worship [2005]"

1. My Life Is In Your Hands playlist

Album Lyrics: Pure Attraction [1991]

Kathy Troccoli
"Pure Attraction [1991]"

1. You And I playlist
2. You've Got A Way playlist

Album Lyrics: Kathy Troccoli [1994]

Kathy Troccoli
"Kathy Troccoli [1994]"

1. I'll Be There (For You) playlist
2. If I'm Not In Love playlist