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Holly Cole
Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Holly Cole

Holly Cole
"Other Songs - Holly Cole"

1. A Cottage For Sale playlist
2. Baby It's Cold Outside playlist
3. Come Fly With Me playlist
4. Cruisin playlist
5. Dedicated To The One I Love playlist
6. Downtown playlist
7. Fragile (With Jesse Cook) playlist
8. Ghosts playlist
9. Heart Of Saturday Night playlist
10. If I Were A Bell playlist
11. My Foolish Heart playlist
12. Neon Blue playlist
13. One Trick Pony playlist
14. That Old Black Magic playlist
15. Too Darn Hot playlist

Album Lyrics: Baby It's Cold Outside [2007]

Holly Cole
"Baby It's Cold Outside [2007]"

1. Baby It's Cold Outside playlist

Album Lyrics: Yesterday & Today [1998]

Holly Cole
"Yesterday & Today [1998]"

1. Blame It On My Youth playlist

Album Lyrics: It Happened On Night [1998]

Holly Cole
"It Happened On Night [1998]"

1. Cry (If You Want To) playlist
2. Don't Let The Teardrops Rust Your Shining Heart playlist

Album Lyrics: Don't Smoke In Bed [1993]

Holly Cole
"Don't Smoke In Bed [1993]"

1. Ev'Rything I've Got (Belongs To You) playlist
2. Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday playlist
3. Je Ne T'Aime Pas playlist
4. Que Sera Sera playlist

Album Lyrics: Santa Baby: Live In Toronto [2000]

Holly Cole
"Santa Baby: Live In Toronto [2000]"

1. I Can See Clearly Now playlist
2. Jersey Girl playlist

Album Lyrics: Dark Dear Heart [1997]

Holly Cole
"Dark Dear Heart [1997]"

1. I Just Seen A Face playlist
2. Onion Girl playlist
3. World Seems To Come And Go playlist

Album Lyrics: Romantically Helpless [2000]

Holly Cole
"Romantically Helpless [2000]"

1. Make It Go Away playlist
2. Romantically Helpless playlist

Album Lyrics: Temptation [1995]

Holly Cole
"Temptation [1995]"

1. Take Me Home playlist