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Phil Lynott
Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Phil Lynott

Phil Lynott
"Other Songs - Phil Lynott"

1. Dancing In The Moonlight playlist
2. Dedication playlist
3. Growing Up playlist
4. Jamaican Rum playlist
5. Sarah playlist
6. Still In Love With You playlist
7. Are You Ready [1983] [Live] playlist
8. Bad Reputation playlist
9. Cathleen (A Beautiful Irish Girl) playlist
10. Cowboy Song playlist
11. Do Anything You Want To playlist
12. Don't Believe A Word playlist
13. Don't Talk About Me Baby playlist
14. Fatalistic Attitude playlist
15. Johnny The Fox Meets Jimmy The Weed playlist
16. Killer On The Loose playlist
17. Ode To Liberty - Protest Song playlist
18. Renegade playlist
19. Showdown playlist
20. Talk In 79 playlist
21. Tattoo (Giving It All Up For Love) playlist
22. The Man's A Fool playlist

Album Lyrics: Grand Slam Collection [2009]

Phil Lynott
"Grand Slam Collection [2009]"

1. Solo In Soho playlist
2. Dear Miss Lonely Hearts playlist
3. Dedication playlist
4. Still In Love With You playlist

Album Lyrics: Solo In Soho [1980]

Phil Lynott
"Solo In Soho [1980]"

1. Ode To A Black Man playlist

Album Lyrics: Live In Sweden 1983 [2002]

Phil Lynott
"Live In Sweden 1983 [2002]"

Album Lyrics: The Philip Lynott Album [1982]

Phil Lynott
"The Philip Lynott Album [1982]"

Album Lyrics: I Am Just A Cowboy [2001]

Phil Lynott
"I Am Just A Cowboy [2001]"

1. Jailbreak playlist