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Tom Russell
Album Lyrics: Blood and Candle Smoke [2009]

Tom Russell
"Blood and Candle Smoke [2009]"

1. East Of Woodstock, West Of Viet Nam playlist
2. Guadalupe playlist
3. Mississippi River Runnin' Backwards playlist

Album Lyrics: Hotwalker: Charles Bukowski & A Ballad For Gone [2005]

Tom Russell
"Hotwalker: Charles Bukowski & A Ballad For Gone [2005]"

1. Benediction: Edward Abbey playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Tom Russell

Tom Russell
"Other Songs - Tom Russell"

1. Beyond The Blues playlist
2. Black Pearl playlist
3. Chocolate Cigarettes playlist
4. Manzanar playlist
5. Navajo Rug playlist
6. Sonora's Death Row playlist
7. South Coast playlist
8. The Road It Gives, The Road It Takes Away playlist
9. Walking On The Moon playlist
10. Who's Gonna Build Your Wall playlist
11. Winnipeg playlist

Album Lyrics: Poor Man's Dream [2007]

Tom Russell
"Poor Man's Dream [2007]"

1. Blue Wing playlist

Album Lyrics: Indians Cowboys Horses Dogs [2004]

Tom Russell
"Indians Cowboys Horses Dogs [2004]"

1. El Paso playlist
2. Lily, Rosemary, And The Jack Of Hearts playlist
3. Seven Curses playlist
4. Tonight We Ride playlist

Album Lyrics: Love And Fear [2009]

Tom Russell
"Love And Fear [2009]"

1. Stealing Electricity playlist

Album Lyrics: Raw Vision: The Tom Russell Band 1984-1994 [2005]

Tom Russell
"Raw Vision: The Tom Russell Band 1984-1994 [2005]"

1. U.S. Steel playlist