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Apollo 440
Album Lyrics: Electro Glide In Blue [1997]

Apollo 440
"Electro Glide In Blue [1997]"

1. Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Dub playlist
2. Carrera Rapida playlist
3. Electro Glide In Blue playlist
4. Krupa playlist
5. Pain In Any Language playlist
6. Raw Power playlist
7. Stealth Overture playlist
8. Tears Of The Gods playlist
9. White Man's Throat playlist

Album Lyrics: Millenium Fever [1995]

Apollo 440
"Millenium Fever [1995]"

1. Astral America playlist
2. Don't Fear The Reaper playlist
3. Film Me And Finish Me Off playlist
4. I Need Something Stronger playlist
5. Liquid Cool playlist
6. Millennium Fever playlist
7. Omega Point playlist
8. Pain Is A Close Up playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Apollo 440

Apollo 440
"Other Songs - Apollo 440"

1. Dude Descending A Staircase playlist
2. Hvite Netter playlist
3. I Feel You playlist
4. Make My Dreams Come True playlist

Album Lyrics: Gettin' High On Your Own Supply [1999]

Apollo 440
"Gettin' High On Your Own Supply [1999]"

1. High On Your Own Supply playlist

Album Lyrics: Gone In 60 Seconds [2000]

Apollo 440
"Gone In 60 Seconds [2000]"

1. Stop The Rock playlist