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Blind Boys of Alabama
Album Lyrics: There Will Be a Light [2004]

Blind Boys of Alabama
"There Will Be a Light [2004]"

1. 11th Commandment playlist
2. Church House Steps playlist
3. Church On Time playlist
4. Mother Pray playlist
5. Picture of Jesus playlist
6. Satisfied Mind playlist
7. Take My Hand playlist
8. There Will Be a Light playlist
9. Well, Well, Well playlist
10. Where Could I Go playlist
11. Wicked Man playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Blind Boys of Alabama

Blind Boys of Alabama
"Other Songs - Blind Boys of Alabama"

1. Across The Bridge playlist
2. Atom Bomb playlist
3. Blind Boys Of Alabama playlist
4. Demons playlist
5. Free At Last playlist
6. Joy To The World playlist
7. Just A Closer Walk With Thee playlist
8. Many Rivers To Cross playlist
9. None Of Us Are Free playlist
10. Uncloudy Day playlist
11. Welcome playlist
12. White Christmas playlist
13. You Better Mind playlist

Album Lyrics: Enlightenment [2009]

Blind Boys of Alabama
"Enlightenment [2009]"

1. Amazing Grace playlist

Album Lyrics: Spirit Of The Century [2008]

Blind Boys of Alabama
"Spirit Of The Century [2008]"

1. Give A Man A Home playlist
2. Good Religion playlist
3. Jesus Gonna Be Here playlist
4. Just Wanna See His Face playlist
5. Motherless Child playlist
6. No More playlist
7. Soldier playlist
8. Way Down In The Hole playlist

Album Lyrics: Atom Bomb [2005]

Blind Boys of Alabama
"Atom Bomb [2005]"

1. I Know I've Been Converted playlist
2. Moses playlist
3. New Born Soul playlist
4. Spirit In The Sky playlist
5. Talk About Suffering playlist

Album Lyrics: Higher Ground [2008]

Blind Boys of Alabama
"Higher Ground [2008]"

1. Precious Lord playlist

Album Lyrics: Go Tell On The Mountain [2008]

Blind Boys of Alabama
"Go Tell On The Mountain [2008]"

1. The Little Drummer Boy playlist