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Elaine Paige
Album Lyrics: Encore [1996]

Elaine Paige
"Encore [1996]"

1. Another Suitcase In Another Hall (Evita) playlist
2. Memory (Cats) playlist

Album Lyrics: Centre Stage: The Very Best Of [2004]

Elaine Paige
"Centre Stage: The Very Best Of [2004]"

1. As If We Never Said Goodbye playlist
2. On My Own playlist
3. With One Look playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Elaine Paige

Elaine Paige
"Other Songs - Elaine Paige"

1. As Long As There's Christmas playlist
2. Cry Me A River playlist
3. Heaven Help My Heart playlist
4. I Don't Know How To Love Him playlist
5. I Dreamed A Dream playlist
6. I Gaze In Your Eyes playlist
7. I Get A Kick Out Of You playlist
8. If You Love Me-Hymne A Làmour playlist
9. Is This The World We Created... playlist
10. Mad About The Boy playlist
11. The Rose playlist
12. Anything Goes playlist
13. Aquarius playlist
14. Bohemian Rhapsody playlist
15. Radio Ga Ga playlist
16. The Way We Were [From The Way We Were] playlist
17. You Take My Breath Away playlist

Album Lyrics: Performance [1996]

Elaine Paige
"Performance [1996]"

1. Don't Cry For Me Argentina playlist
2. I Know Him So Well playlist
3. Love Hurts playlist
4. Memory playlist

Album Lyrics: Songbook [2007]

Elaine Paige
"Songbook [2007]"

1. Mad About The Boy playlist

Album Lyrics: Sweet Memories [2008]

Elaine Paige
"Sweet Memories [2008]"

1. Miss My Love Today playlist