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John Waite
Album Lyrics: The Essential [1992]

John Waite
"The Essential [1992]"

1. A Piece Of The Action playlist
2. Anytime playlist
3. Gonna Be Somebody playlist
4. Head Above The Waves playlist
5. Love Don't Prove I'm Right playlist
6. Love Is A Rose To Me playlist
7. Make It Happen playlist
8. Run To Mexico playlist
9. Union Jack playlist
10. White Lightning playlist
11. World In A Bottle playlist

Album Lyrics: Complete John Waite [1996]

John Waite
"Complete John Waite [1996]"

1. Act Of Love playlist
2. Broken Heart playlist
3. Encircled playlist
4. How Did I Get By Without You playlist
5. Price Of Love playlist
6. Straight To Your Heart playlist

Album Lyrics: Temple Bar [1995]

John Waite
"Temple Bar [1995]"

1. Ain't No Sunshine playlist
2. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry playlist
3. In God's Shadow playlist
4. More playlist
5. Someone Like You playlist
6. The Glittering Prize playlist

Album Lyrics: When You Were Mine [1997]

John Waite
"When You Were Mine [1997]"

1. All I Want For Christmas playlist
2. Bluebird Cafe playlist
3. Have You Seen Her My Friend playlist
4. I-95 playlist
5. Imaginary Girl playlist
6. Just Like A Woman playlist
7. Valentine playlist

Album Lyrics: The Hard Way [2004]

John Waite
"The Hard Way [2004]"

1. Always Be Your Man playlist
2. Girl From The North Country playlist
3. Godhead playlist
4. Masterpiece Of Loneliness playlist

Album Lyrics: Extended Versions [2010]

John Waite
"Extended Versions [2010]"

1. Back On My Feet Again playlist
2. Change playlist
3. Every Time I Think Of You playlist
4. Head First playlist
5. In Dreams playlist
6. When I See You Smile playlist

Album Lyrics: Ignition [1982]

John Waite
"Ignition [1982]"

1. Be My Baby Tonight playlist
2. Desperate Love playlist

Album Lyrics: No Brakes [1984]

John Waite
"No Brakes [1984]"

1. Dark Side Of The Sun playlist
2. For Your Love playlist
3. Love Collision playlist
4. Shake It Up/dreamtime playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - John Waite

John Waite
"Other Songs - John Waite"

1. Jesus Are You There playlist
2. Lets Get Out Of Here playlist
3. New York City Girl playlist
4. Rock 'n Roll Is (Alive And Well) playlist
5. Still In Love With You playlist

Album Lyrics: Rover's Return [1987]

John Waite
"Rover's Return [1987]"

1. Don't Lose Any Sleep playlist
2. She's The One playlist
3. Sometimes playlist
4. These Times Are Hard For Lovers playlist

Album Lyrics: Downtown Journey Of A Heart [2006]

John Waite
"Downtown Journey Of A Heart [2006]"

1. Downtown playlist
2. Highway 61 Revisited playlist
3. Isn't It Time playlist

Album Lyrics: King Biscuit Flower Hour [1999]

John Waite
"King Biscuit Flower Hour [1999]"

1. Drive My Car playlist
2. Going To The Top playlist
3. Temptation playlist
4. Wild Life playlist

Album Lyrics: Live And Rare Tracks [2001]

John Waite
"Live And Rare Tracks [2001]"

1. Euroshima playlist
2. I Drove All Night playlist
3. Midnight Rendezvous playlist
4. Saturday Night playlist
5. Tears playlist

Album Lyrics: Mask Of Smiles [1985]

John Waite
"Mask Of Smiles [1985]"

1. Every Step Of The Way playlist
2. Welcome To Paradise playlist

Album Lyrics: Figure In A Landscape [2001]

John Waite
"Figure In A Landscape [2001]"

1. Fly playlist
2. New Thing playlist
3. Special One playlist
4. Thinking About You playlist
5. Touch playlist
6. Whenever You Come Around playlist

Album Lyrics: Ballads From The Breeze [2011]

John Waite
"Ballads From The Breeze [2011]"

1. Missing You playlist

Album Lyrics: Rough & Tumble [2011]

John Waite
"Rough & Tumble [2011]"

1. Mr. Wonderful playlist