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Donnie Iris
Album Lyrics: No Muss...No Fuss [1985]

Donnie Iris
"No Muss...No Fuss [1985]"

1. 10th Street playlist

Album Lyrics: The Best Of Donnie Iris: 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Co [2001]

Donnie Iris
"The Best Of Donnie Iris: 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Co [2001]"

1. Agnes playlist
2. Ah! Leah! playlist
3. I Can't Hear You playlist
4. Love Is Like A Rock playlist

Album Lyrics: Together Alone [1999]

Donnie Iris
"Together Alone [1999]"

1. Ah! Leah! [Acoustic Version] playlist
2. Amazing Grace playlist
3. Fade Away playlist
4. Holy Love playlist
5. I'd Rather Go Blind playlist
6. Lay With Me playlist
7. The Promise playlist
8. Together Alone playlist
9. You're Holding My Heart In Your Hands playlist

Album Lyrics: Back On The Streets [1980]

Donnie Iris
"Back On The Streets [1980]"

1. Back On The Streets playlist
2. Daddy Don't Live Here Anymore playlist
3. Joking playlist
4. She's So Wild playlist
5. Shock Treatment playlist
6. Too Young To Love playlist
7. You're Only Dreaming playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Donnie Iris

Donnie Iris
"Other Songs - Donnie Iris"

1. Broken Promises playlist
2. Do You Compute playlist
3. Sweet Merilee playlist
4. The Last To Know playlist
5. This Time It Must Be Love playlist

Album Lyrics: King Cool [1981]

Donnie Iris
"King Cool [1981]"

1. Color Me Blue playlist