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Juliana Hatfield
Album Lyrics: Become What You Are [1993]

Juliana Hatfield
"Become What You Are [1993]"

1. A Dame With A Rod playlist
2. Addicted playlist
3. For The Birds playlist
4. I Got No Idols playlist
5. Little Pieces playlist
6. Mabel playlist
7. President Garfield playlist
8. Supermodel playlist
9. This Is The Sound playlist

Album Lyrics: Made In China [2005]

Juliana Hatfield
"Made In China [2005]"

1. A Doe And Two Fawns playlist
2. New Waif playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Juliana Hatfield

Juliana Hatfield
"Other Songs - Juliana Hatfield"

1. Anemia playlist
2. Cry In The Dark playlist
3. Everybody Loves Me But You playlist
4. Fade Away [#] playlist
5. Feed Me playlist
6. Feelin' Massachussetts playlist
7. Josie And The Pussycats playlist
8. Lost & Saved playlist
9. Make It Home playlist
10. Mean & Evil playlist
11. My Pet Lion playlist
12. My Protegee playlist
13. Sellout playlist
14. Table For One [#] playlist
15. Trying No To Think About It playlist
16. White Thrash playlist

Album Lyrics: Bed [1998]

Juliana Hatfield
"Bed [1998]"

1. Backseat playlist
2. Bad Day playlist
3. I Want To Want You playlist
4. Let's Blow It All playlist
5. Running Out playlist
6. Swan Song playlist
7. You Are The Camera playlist

Album Lyrics: In Exile Deo [2004]

Juliana Hatfield
"In Exile Deo [2004]"

1. Because We Love You playlist
2. Dirty Dog playlist
3. Don't Let Me Down playlist
4. Forever playlist
5. It Should've Been You playlist
6. Jamie's In Town playlist
7. My Enemy playlist
8. Singing In The Shower playlist
9. Some Rainy Sunday playlist
10. Sunshine playlist
11. Tomorrow Never Comes playlist
12. Tourist playlist

Album Lyrics: Only Everything [1995]

Juliana Hatfield
"Only Everything [1995]"

1. Bottles And Flowers playlist
2. Congratulations playlist
3. Dumb Fun playlist
4. Dying Proof playlist
5. Hang Down From Heaven playlist
6. My Darling playlist
7. OK OK playlist
8. Outsider playlist
9. Simplicity Is Beautiful playlist
10. What A Life playlist
11. You Blues playlist

Album Lyrics: Juliana's Pony (Total System Failure) [2000]

Juliana Hatfield
"Juliana's Pony (Total System Failure) [2000]"

1. Breeders playlist
2. Leather Pants playlist
3. Let's Get Married playlist
4. Metal Fume Fever playlist
5. Noblesse Oblige playlist
6. Road Wrath playlist
7. Ten Foot Pole playlist
8. The Victim playlist
9. Total System Failure playlist
10. Using You playlist

Album Lyrics: Peace And Love [2010]

Juliana Hatfield
"Peace And Love [2010]"

1. Faith In Our Friends playlist

Album Lyrics: The White Broken Line: Live Recordings [2006]

Juliana Hatfield
"The White Broken Line: Live Recordings [2006]"

1. Choose Drugs playlist
2. Get In Line playlist
3. Hotels playlist
4. My Sister playlist
5. Slow Motion playlist
6. Somebody Is Waiting For Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Beautiful Creature [2000]

Juliana Hatfield
"Beautiful Creature [2000]"

1. Close Your Eyes playlist
2. Cool Rock Boy playlist
3. Daniel playlist
4. Might Be In Love playlist
5. The Easy Way Out playlist
6. When You Loved Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Gold Stars 1992-2002 (The Juliana Hatfield Collection) [2002]

Juliana Hatfield
"Gold Stars 1992-2002 (The Juliana Hatfield Collection) [2002]"

1. Every Breath You Take playlist
2. Fleur De Lys playlist
3. Houseboy playlist
4. Live It Up playlist
5. Sneaking Around playlist
6. Spin The Bottle playlist
7. Universal Heart-Beat playlist

Album Lyrics: Hey Babe [1992]

Juliana Hatfield
"Hey Babe [1992]"

1. Get Off Your Knees playlist
2. Nirvana playlist
3. No Answer playlist
4. No Outlet playlist
5. Quit playlist
6. The Lights playlist
7. Ugly playlist

Album Lyrics: How To Walk Away [2008]

Juliana Hatfield
"How To Walk Away [2008]"

1. Just Lust playlist
2. Law Of Nature playlist
3. My Baby... playlist
4. Now I'm Gone playlist
5. Remember November playlist
6. Shining On playlist
7. So Alone playlist
8. Such A Beautiful Girl playlist
9. The Fact Remains playlist
10. This Lonely Love playlist