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Salt 'N' Pepa
Album Lyrics: Blacks' Magic

Salt 'N' Pepa
"Blacks' Magic"

1. Expression playlist
2. Doper Than Dope playlist
3. Negro Wit' An Ego playlist
4. You Showed Me playlist
5. Do You Want Me playlist
6. Swift playlist
7. I Like To Party playlist
8. Blacks' Magic playlist
9. Start The Party playlist
10. Let's Talk About Sex playlist

Album Lyrics: Very Necessary

Salt 'N' Pepa
"Very Necessary"

1. Groove Me playlist
2. No One Does It Better playlist
3. Whatta Man playlist
4. None Of Your Business playlist
5. Step playlist
6. Shoop playlist

Album Lyrics: Brand New

Salt 'N' Pepa
"Brand New"

1. Gitty Up playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Salt N Pepa

Salt 'N' Pepa
"Other Songs - Salt N Pepa"

1. Beauty And The Beat playlist
2. Chick On The Side (Remix) playlist
3. Deja Vu playlist
4. Do You Really Want Me playlist
5. I Am Body Beautiful playlist
6. I Desire playlist
7. I'll Take Your Man playlist
8. It's Alright playlist
9. Let's Talk About Sex playlist
10. My Mic Sounds Nice playlist
11. None Of Your Buisness playlist
12. Push It playlist
13. R U Ready playlist
14. Sexy Nosies Turn Me On playlist
15. Short Dick Man playlist
16. The Showstopper playlist
17. Tramp playlist
18. Twist N Shout playlist