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Yung Joc
Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Yung Joc

Yung Joc
"Other Songs - Yung Joc"

1. 'Bout It playlist
2. Boo Koo playlist
3. Couple Grand playlist
4. Get Like Me playlist
5. He Stayed In Trouble playlist
6. It's Going Down Remix playlist
7. Might As Well playlist
8. Price Tag playlist
9. Ringtone playlist
10. They Be Jocking playlist
11. Watch Me Make A Movie playlist
12. Wham playlist
13. With The Lights On playlist

Album Lyrics: New Joc City [2006]

Yung Joc
"New Joc City [2006]"

1. 1st Time playlist
2. Do Ya Bad playlist
3. Don't Play Wit It playlist
4. Dope Boy Magic playlist
5. Flip Flop playlist
6. He Stayed In Trouble [Interlude] playlist
7. Hear Me Coming playlist
8. I Know You See It playlist
9. I'm Him playlist
10. It's Goin' Down playlist
11. Knock It Out playlist
12. New Joc City (Intro) playlist
13. Patron playlist
14. Picture Perfect playlist
15. Yung Nigga [Interlude] playlist

Album Lyrics: Hustlenomic$ [2007]

Yung Joc
"Hustlenomic$ [2007]"

1. Bottle Poppin' playlist
2. Brand New playlist
3. BYOB playlist
4. Chevy Smile playlist
5. Coffee Shop playlist
6. Cut Throat playlist
7. Getting 2 Da Money playlist
8. Hell Yeah playlist
9. Hustlemania (Skit) playlist
10. Hustlenomic$ playlist
11. Hustlenomic$ (Intro) playlist
12. I'm A G playlist
13. Livin' The Life playlist
14. Momma playlist
15. Pak Man playlist
16. Play Your Cards playlist

Album Lyrics: Waist Deep (Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture) [2006]

Yung Joc
"Waist Deep (Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture) [2006]"

1. Do Ya Bad playlist

Album Lyrics: Mai 21: 21 Years Of The Hottest Hip-Hop & Rnb [2013]

Yung Joc
"Mai 21: 21 Years Of The Hottest Hip-Hop & Rnb [2013]"

1. It's Goin' Down playlist