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Irma Thomas
Album Lyrics: 50th Anniversary Celebration [2009]

Irma Thomas
"50th Anniversary Celebration [2009]"

1. Another Man Done Gone playlist
2. Back Water Blues playlist
3. I Count The Tears playlist
4. Loving Arms playlist
5. River Is Waiting playlist
6. What Can I Do playlist

Album Lyrics: Simply Grand [2008]

Irma Thomas
"Simply Grand [2008]"

1. Cold Rain playlist
2. Early In The Morning playlist
3. I Think It's Going To Rain Today playlist
4. If I Had Any Sense I'd Go Back Home playlist
5. Overrated playlist
6. Somebody Told You playlist
7. Thinking About You playlist
8. This Bitter Earth playlist
9. Underground Stream playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Irma Thomas

Irma Thomas
"Other Songs - Irma Thomas"

1. He's My Guy playlist
2. I'll Be Satisfied playlist
3. Precis Som Du playlist
4. Soul Of A Man playlist
5. Stureplan playlist
6. Yours Until Tomorrow playlist

Album Lyrics: After The Rain [2004]

Irma Thomas
"After The Rain [2004]"

1. I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free playlist
2. Till I Can't Take It Anymore playlist

Album Lyrics: My Heart's In Memphis: The Songs Of Dan Penn [2011]

Irma Thomas
"My Heart's In Memphis: The Songs Of Dan Penn [2011]"

1. I'm Your Puppet playlist

Album Lyrics: The Best Of Irma Thomas [2011]

Irma Thomas
"The Best Of Irma Thomas [2011]"

1. Ruler Of My Heart playlist

Album Lyrics: Wish Someone Would Care / Take A Look [2006]

Irma Thomas
"Wish Someone Would Care / Take A Look [2006]"

1. Take A Look playlist

Album Lyrics: Six Feet Under Vol. 2: Everything Ends [2005]

Irma Thomas
"Six Feet Under Vol. 2: Everything Ends [2005]"

1. Time Is On My Side playlist