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Gemma Hayes
Album Lyrics: Flicka (Motion Picture Soundtrack) [2006]

Gemma Hayes
"Flicka (Motion Picture Soundtrack) [2006]"

1. 4:35 AM playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Gemma Hayes

Gemma Hayes
"Other Songs - Gemma Hayes"

1. A New Day (Version 1) playlist
2. Angel Rays playlist
3. Can't Find Love playlist
4. Gotta Low playlist
5. Stop The Wheel playlist

Album Lyrics: Let It Break [2011]

Gemma Hayes
"Let It Break [2011]"

1. Brittle Winter playlist

Album Lyrics: The Roads Don't Love You [2005]

Gemma Hayes
"The Roads Don't Love You [2005]"

1. Another For The Darkness playlist
2. Easy On The Eye playlist
3. Happy Sad playlist
4. Helen playlist
5. Horses playlist
6. Keep Me Here playlist
7. Nothing Can playlist
8. Pull Me In playlist
9. Something In My Way playlist
10. Tomorrow playlist
11. Two Step playlist
12. Undercover playlist

Album Lyrics: The Hollow Of Morning [2008]

Gemma Hayes
"The Hollow Of Morning [2008]"

1. At Constant Speed playlist
2. Chasing Dragons playlist
3. Don't Forget playlist
4. Home playlist
5. In Over My Head playlist
6. January 14th playlist
7. Out Of Our Hands playlist
8. Sad Ol Song playlist
9. This Is What You Do playlist
10. Under A Canopy playlist

Album Lyrics: Night On My Side (US Version) [2003]

Gemma Hayes
"Night On My Side (US Version) [2003]"

1. Back Of My Hand playlist
2. Evening Sun playlist
3. Hanging Around playlist
4. I Wanna Stay playlist
5. Let A Good Thing Go playlist
6. Lucky One (Bird Of Cassadaga) playlist
7. Making Waves playlist
8. My God playlist
9. Ran For Miles playlist
10. Tear In My Side playlist
11. Work To A Calm playlist

Album Lyrics: Night On My Side (Bonus Tracks) [2002]

Gemma Hayes
"Night On My Side (Bonus Tracks) [2002]"

1. Brightness playlist

Album Lyrics: Night On My Side [2002]

Gemma Hayes
"Night On My Side [2002]"

1. Day One playlist
2. Over And Over playlist
3. Pieces Of Glass playlist
4. What A Day playlist