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Nichole Nordeman
Album Lyrics: Wide Eyed [1998]

Nichole Nordeman
"Wide Eyed [1998]"

1. Anyway playlist
2. Gone Are the Days playlist
3. I Wish The Same For You playlist
4. To Say Thanks playlist
5. Wide Eyed playlist

Album Lyrics: This Mystery [2000]

Nichole Nordeman
"This Mystery [2000]"

1. As playlist
2. Help Me Believe playlist
3. Home playlist
4. Lookin' at You (Lookin' at Me) playlist
5. Please Come playlist
6. Tremble playlist
7. Why playlist

Album Lyrics: Icon [2013]

Nichole Nordeman
"Icon [2013]"

1. Brave playlist
2. Every Season playlist
3. Fool for You playlist
4. Holy playlist
5. I Am playlist
6. Is It Any Wonder playlist
7. Legacy playlist
8. This Mystery playlist
9. To Know You playlist
10. What If playlist

Album Lyrics: Ultimate Collection [2009]

Nichole Nordeman
"Ultimate Collection [2009]"

1. Burnin' playlist
2. Finally Free playlist
3. Hold On playlist
4. Lay It Down playlist
5. No More Chains playlist
6. Real To Me playlist
7. River God playlist
8. Small Enough playlist
9. Someday playlist
10. We Build playlist
11. Who You Are playlist

Album Lyrics: Brave [2005]

Nichole Nordeman
"Brave [2005]"

1. Crimson playlist
2. Gotta Serve Somebody playlist
3. Live playlist

Album Lyrics: Woven & Spun [2002]

Nichole Nordeman
"Woven & Spun [2002]"

1. Doxology playlist
2. Gratitude playlist
3. Healed playlist
4. In Your Eyes playlist
5. Mercies New playlist
6. Never Loved You More playlist
7. Take Me as I Am playlist

Album Lyrics: Recollection: The Best Of Nichole Nordeman [2007]

Nichole Nordeman
"Recollection: The Best Of Nichole Nordeman [2007]"

1. Even Then playlist
2. Sunrise playlist

Album Lyrics: Heaven & Earth: A Tapestry of Worship [1999]

Nichole Nordeman
"Heaven & Earth: A Tapestry of Worship [1999]"

1. Heaven & Earth playlist
2. In Your Love playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Nichole Nordeman

Nichole Nordeman
"Other Songs - Nichole Nordeman"

1. I Will Believe playlist
2. I'm With You playlist
3. Sunrise playlist

Album Lyrics: Live at the Door [2003]

Nichole Nordeman
"Live at the Door [2003]"

1. My Offering playlist
2. Time After Time playlist

Album Lyrics: City on a Hill: Sing Alleluia [2002]

Nichole Nordeman
"City on a Hill: Sing Alleluia [2002]"

1. Shine Your Light playlist
2. You Are Holy playlist