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Rebecca St. James
Album Lyrics: God [1996]

Rebecca St. James
"God [1996]"

1. A Cold Heart Turns playlist
2. Carry Me High playlist
3. Me Without You playlist
4. That's What Matters playlist
5. You're the Voice playlist

Album Lyrics: Greatest Hits [2008]

Rebecca St. James
"Greatest Hits [2008]"

1. A Cradle Prayer playlist
2. Better Is One Day playlist
3. Breathe playlist
4. Go and Sin No More playlist
5. God playlist
6. I Thank You playlist
7. Mirror playlist
8. Pray playlist
9. Song Of Love playlist
10. Wait for Me playlist
11. Yes, I Believe In God playlist

Album Lyrics: The Ultimate Collection [2008]

Rebecca St. James
"The Ultimate Collection [2008]"

1. Abba (Father) playlist
2. Alive playlist
3. Expressions Of Your Love playlist
4. God Help Me playlist
5. God of Wonders playlist
6. Here I Am playlist
7. Here I Am To Worship playlist
8. Lion playlist
9. Psalm 139 playlist
10. Reborn playlist
11. You Are Loved playlist

Album Lyrics: The Early Years [2006]

Rebecca St. James
"The Early Years [2006]"

1. Above All playlist
2. Hold Me Jesus playlist
3. Little Bit of Love playlist
4. Love to Love You playlist
5. Side by Side playlist
6. You Then Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Transform [2000]

Rebecca St. James
"Transform [2000]"

1. All Around Me playlist
2. Don't Worry playlist
3. For the Love of God playlist
4. In Me playlist
5. Lean On playlist
6. Merciful playlist
7. One playlist
8. Universe playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Rebecca St. James

Rebecca St. James
"Other Songs - Rebecca St. James"

1. Amazing Love playlist
2. As The Coming Of The Lord playlist
3. Be Still and Know playlist
4. God Didn't Give Me A Spirit Of Fear playlist
5. I Walk By Faith playlist
6. Veggietales' Theme Song playlist

Album Lyrics: Refresh My Heart [1991]

Rebecca St. James
"Refresh My Heart [1991]"

1. And We Behold Him playlist
2. Blessing, Honour playlist
3. Children Of The King playlist
4. I Am Your Child playlist
5. I Will Lift Up My Voice playlist
6. Refresh My Heart playlist
7. Show Your Glory playlist
8. Soul Medley playlist
9. The Rock Medley playlist
10. We Will Not Bow To The World playlist
11. Who Is He playlist

Album Lyrics: aLIVE In Florida [2007]

Rebecca St. James
"aLIVE In Florida [2007]"

1. Beautiful Stranger playlist
2. Forgive Me playlist
3. Lamb of God playlist
4. Take All Of Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Pray [1998]

Rebecca St. James
"Pray [1998]"

1. Come Quickly Lord playlist
2. Give Myself Away playlist
3. I'll Carry You playlist
4. Lord You're Beautiful playlist
5. OK playlist
6. Omega playlist
7. Peace playlist

Album Lyrics: Remixes EP [1995]

Rebecca St. James
"Remixes EP [1995]"

1. Everything I Do playlist
2. We Don't Need It playlist

Album Lyrics: Christmas [1997]

Rebecca St. James
"Christmas [1997]"

1. Happy Christmas playlist
2. Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring playlist
3. O Come All Ye Faithful playlist
4. O Come Emmanuel playlist
5. O Holy Night playlist
6. One Small Child playlist
7. Silent Night playlist
8. Sweet Little Jesus Boy playlist
9. What Child Is This playlist

Album Lyrics: Veggie Tales: Have We Got a Show for You [2003]

Rebecca St. James
"Veggie Tales: Have We Got a Show for You [2003]"

1. Hope's Song playlist

Album Lyrics: Live Worship: Blessed Be Your Name [2004]

Rebecca St. James
"Live Worship: Blessed Be Your Name [2004]"

1. I Adore You playlist
2. Let My Words Be Few playlist
3. Quiet You With My Love playlist
4. Shout to the Lord playlist
5. The Power of your Love playlist

Album Lyrics: If I Had One Chance to Tell You Something [2005]

Rebecca St. James
"If I Had One Chance to Tell You Something [2005]"

1. I Can Trust You playlist
2. I Need You playlist
3. Lest I Forget playlist
4. Love Being Loved By You playlist
5. Shadowlands playlist
6. Thank You playlist

Album Lyrics: Worship God [2002]

Rebecca St. James
"Worship God [2002]"

1. It Is Well playlist
2. More Than the Watchman playlist
3. Quiet You playlist
4. You playlist

Album Lyrics: Rebecca St. James [1994]

Rebecca St. James
"Rebecca St. James [1994]"

1. Jesus Loves the Little Children playlist
2. True Love playlist
3. Way Up Here playlist

Album Lyrics: Left Behind: World At War [2006]

Rebecca St. James
"Left Behind: World At War [2006]"

1. My Hope playlist

Album Lyrics: Wait For Me: The Best from Rebecca St. James [2003]

Rebecca St. James
"Wait For Me: The Best from Rebecca St. James [2003]"

1. Speak to Me playlist
2. Stand playlist
3. Until Your Love Broke Through playlist