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Nicole C. Mullen
Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Nicole C. Mullen

Nicole C. Mullen
"Other Songs - Nicole C. Mullen"

1. 27 playlist
2. All Aboard playlist
3. Blessed And Broken playlist
4. Brainwash playlist
5. Elohim playlist
6. God's Own Son playlist
7. Sacred Night (Away In A Manger) playlist
8. Sharecropper's Seed playlist
9. So In Love playlist
10. There Is Still A Dream playlist
11. When I Grow Up playlist
12. Yo Mama playlist
13. You Reign playlist
14. I Wish playlist
15. One Touch (Press) playlist

Album Lyrics: Talk About It [2001]

Nicole C. Mullen
"Talk About It [2001]"

1. Baby Girl playlist
2. Black Light playlist
3. Heaven playlist
4. I Can/Believe playlist
5. Let Me Go playlist
6. Sometimes playlist
7. The Ring playlist
8. Witness playlist

Album Lyrics: The Ultimate Collection [2009]

Nicole C. Mullen
"The Ultimate Collection [2009]"

1. Black, White, Tan playlist
2. Call on Jesus playlist
3. Come Unto Me playlist
4. Convinced playlist
5. Everyday People playlist
6. Freedom playlist
7. I Am playlist
8. Lamb Of God playlist
9. Music of My Heart playlist
10. On My Knees playlist
11. Redeemer playlist
12. Shooby playlist
13. Talk About It playlist

Album Lyrics: Nicole C. Mullen [2000]

Nicole C. Mullen
"Nicole C. Mullen [2000]"

1. Blowin' Kisses playlist
2. Butterfly playlist
3. Color playlist
4. Family Tree playlist
5. Farewell playlist
6. Granny's Angel playlist
7. Homemade playlist

Album Lyrics: Everyday People [2004]

Nicole C. Mullen
"Everyday People [2004]"

1. Bye Bye Brianna playlist
2. Dancin' In The Rain playlist
3. Every Nation playlist
4. Gon' Be Free playlist
5. Message For Ya playlist
6. The One playlist
7. This This playlist