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Shooter Jennings
Album Lyrics: Wolf [2007]

Shooter Jennings
"Wolf [2007]"

1. A Matter Of Time playlist
2. Blood From A Stone playlist
3. Concrete Cowboys playlist
4. Higher playlist
5. Last Time I Let You Down playlist
6. Old Friend playlist
7. She Lives In Color playlist
8. Tangled Up Roses playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Shooter Jennings

Shooter Jennings
"Other Songs - Shooter Jennings"

1. Alligator Chomp (Ballad Of Martin Luther Frog Jr) playlist
2. Black Ribbons playlist
3. Fourth Of July playlist
4. God Bless Alabama playlist
5. I'm A Long Way From Home playlist
6. Last Light Radio 11:57 Pm playlist
7. Letter playlist
8. Manifesto #1 playlist
9. My Song For You playlist
10. Summer Of Rage playlist
11. Sweet Savanah playlist
12. The Best Thing I've Ever Done (Hidden Track) playlist
13. The Song Is Still Slippin' Away playlist
14. This 'ol Wheel playlist
15. Triskaidekaphobia playlist
16. Wake Up playlist

Album Lyrics: Electric Rodeo [2010]

Shooter Jennings
"Electric Rodeo [2010]"

1. Aviators playlist
2. Bad Magick playlist
3. Electric Rodeo playlist
4. Gone To Carolina playlist
5. Hair Of The Dog playlist
6. It Ain't Easy playlist
7. Little White Lines playlist
8. Some Rowdy Women playlist

Album Lyrics: Best Of Shooter Jenningsr [2009]

Shooter Jennings
"Best Of Shooter Jenningsr [2009]"

1. Busted In Baylor County playlist
2. Living Proof playlist
3. Slow Train playlist
4. Southern Comfort playlist
5. Steady At The Wheel playlist
6. The Wolf playlist
7. Walk Of Life playlist

Album Lyrics: Put The O Back In Country [2007]

Shooter Jennings
"Put The O Back In Country [2007]"

1. Daddy's Farm playlist
2. Lonesome Blues playlist
3. Put The O Back In Country playlist
4. Solid Country Gold playlist

Album Lyrics: The Other Life [2013]

Shooter Jennings
"The Other Life [2013]"

1. Outlaw You playlist

Album Lyrics: Family Man [2012]

Shooter Jennings
"Family Man [2012]"

1. The Deed And The Dollar playlist