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Jon McLaughlin
Album Lyrics: Forever If Ever [2011]

Jon McLaughlin
"Forever If Ever [2011]"

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Jon McLaughlin

Jon McLaughlin
"Other Songs - Jon McLaughlin"

1. A Song You Might Hear In A Wedding playlist
2. Another Layer (bridge To Terabithia) playlist
3. Smack Into You playlist
4. So Close playlist
5. Wool Over Eyes playlist

Album Lyrics: The Early Recordings [2010]

Jon McLaughlin
"The Early Recordings [2010]"

1. Already In playlist
2. Blue Skies playlist
3. Giving You Reasons playlist
4. Industry playlist
5. Loving Me playlist
6. Once Again playlist
7. Questions playlist
8. Some Tight Fix playlist
9. Throwing A Line playlist

Album Lyrics: OK Now [2008]

Jon McLaughlin
"OK Now [2008]"

1. Always On My Mind playlist
2. Beating My Heart playlist
3. Dance Your Life Away playlist
4. Four Years playlist
5. The Middle playlist
6. Things That You Say playlist
7. Throw My Love Around playlist
8. We All Need Saving playlist
9. Why I'm Talking To You playlist
10. You Are The One I Love playlist
11. You Can Never Go Back playlist

Album Lyrics: Indiana [2007]

Jon McLaughlin
"Indiana [2007]"

1. Amelia's Missing playlist
2. Anthem For American Teenagers playlist
3. Beautiful Disaster playlist
4. Conversations playlist
5. For You From Me playlist
6. Human playlist
7. Indiana playlist
8. Just Give It Time playlist
9. People playlist
10. Perfect playlist
11. Praying To The Wrong God playlist
12. Until You Got Love playlist

Album Lyrics: Promising Promises [2012]

Jon McLaughlin
"Promising Promises [2012]"

1. Falling playlist
2. I'll Follow You playlist
3. If Only I playlist
4. Maybe It's Over playlist
5. My Girl Tonight playlist
6. Promising Promises playlist
7. Summer Is Over playlist
8. The Atmosphere playlist
9. These Crazy Times playlist
10. What I Want playlist
11. Without You Now playlist
12. You Never Know playlist

Album Lyrics: Jon McLaughlin [2004]

Jon McLaughlin
"Jon McLaughlin [2004]"

1. The Way playlist