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Pointer Sisters
Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Pointer Sisters

Pointer Sisters
"Other Songs - Pointer Sisters"

1. Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do playlist
2. Be There playlist
3. Chain Of Fools playlist
4. I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good) playlist
5. Knock On Wood playlist
6. Mr Big Stuff playlist

Album Lyrics: Nur Das Beste [2005]

Pointer Sisters
"Nur Das Beste [2005]"

1. All I Know Is The Way I Feel playlist

Album Lyrics: So Excited [1982]

Pointer Sisters
"So Excited [1982]"

1. All Of You playlist
2. If You Wanna Get Back Your Lady playlist

Album Lyrics: Legends [2005]

Pointer Sisters
"Legends [2005]"

1. American Music playlist
2. Baby Come And Get It playlist
3. Back In My Arms playlist
4. Could I Be Dreamin' playlist
5. Dance Electric playlist
6. Freedom playlist
7. Goldmine playlist
8. Heart To Heart playlist
9. Hey You playlist
10. Jump (For My Love) playlist
11. Should I Do It playlist
12. The Love Too Good To Last playlist

Album Lyrics: Energy [2009]

Pointer Sisters
"Energy [2009]"

1. Angry Eyes playlist
2. As I Come Of Age playlist
3. Dirty Work playlist
4. Everybody Is A Star playlist
5. Happiness playlist
6. Hypnotized playlist

Album Lyrics: Live [2007]

Pointer Sisters
"Live [2007]"

1. Automatic playlist
2. Dare Me playlist
3. He's So Shy playlist
4. I Need You playlist
5. Jump playlist
6. Neutron Dance playlist
7. Slow Hand playlist

Album Lyrics: Contact [1985]

Pointer Sisters
"Contact [1985]"

Album Lyrics: Steppin' [1975]

Pointer Sisters
"Steppin' [1975]"

1. Easy Days playlist
2. Wanting Things playlist

Album Lyrics: Special Things [1980]

Pointer Sisters
"Special Things [1980]"

1. Evil playlist
2. Here Is Where Your Love Belongs playlist
3. Save This Night For Love playlist
4. Special Things playlist
5. We've Got The Power playlist
6. Where Did The Time Go playlist

Album Lyrics: In Concert [2005]

Pointer Sisters
"In Concert [2005]"

1. Fairytale playlist
2. Wang Dang Doodle playlist

Album Lyrics: 20th Century Masters: Millennium Collection [2004]

Pointer Sisters
"20th Century Masters: Millennium Collection [2004]"

1. Going Down Slowly playlist
2. Jump (For My Love) [Single Version] playlist
3. Yes We Can Can playlist
4. You Gotta Believe playlist

Album Lyrics: Love Songs From The Breeze [2010]

Pointer Sisters
"Love Songs From The Breeze [2010]"

1. Fire playlist

Album Lyrics: Serious Slammin' [1988]

Pointer Sisters
"Serious Slammin' [1988]"

1. Flirtatious playlist
2. He Turned Me Out playlist
3. Serious Slammin' playlist
4. Shut Up And Dance playlist

Album Lyrics: Right Rhythm [1990]

Pointer Sisters
"Right Rhythm [1990]"

1. Friends' Advice (Don't Take It) playlist

Album Lyrics: Having A Party [1977]

Pointer Sisters
"Having A Party [1977]"

1. Having A Party playlist

Album Lyrics: Love Songs [2003]

Pointer Sisters
"Love Songs [2003]"

Album Lyrics: More Music From The Breeze [2013]

Pointer Sisters
"More Music From The Breeze [2013]"

1. I'm So Excited playlist

Album Lyrics: The Pointer Sisters [1973]

Pointer Sisters
"The Pointer Sisters [1973]"

Album Lyrics: Hot Together [1986]

Pointer Sisters
"Hot Together [1986]"

1. My Life playlist
2. Sexual Power playlist
3. Taste playlist

Album Lyrics: Break Out [1984]

Pointer Sisters
"Break Out [1984]"