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Thompson Twins
Album Lyrics: The Thompson Twins [1981]

Thompson Twins
"The Thompson Twins [1981]"

1. A Product Of... playlist
2. Anything Is Good Enough playlist
3. Could Be Her, Could Be You playlist
4. Don't Go Away playlist
5. Oumma Aularesso playlist
6. Politics playlist
7. Slave Trade playlist
8. The Price playlist
9. Vendredi Saint playlist
10. When I See You playlist

Album Lyrics: Quick Step And Side Kick [1983]

Thompson Twins
"Quick Step And Side Kick [1983]"

1. All Fall Out playlist
2. Judy Do playlist
3. Kamikaze playlist
4. Love Lies Bleeding playlist
5. Lucky Day playlist
6. Tears playlist

Album Lyrics: In The Name Of Love [1982]

Thompson Twins
"In The Name Of Love [1982]"

1. Another Fantasy playlist
2. Good Gosh playlist
3. Living In Europe playlist
4. Make Believe playlist
5. Runaway playlist
6. The Rowe playlist

Album Lyrics: 12 Inch Collection [2004]

Thompson Twins
"12 Inch Collection [2004]"

1. Beach Culture playlist
2. Doctor! Doctor! playlist
3. In The Name Of Love playlist
4. Lay Your Hands On Me playlist
5. Lies playlist
6. Nothing In Common playlist
7. Revolution playlist
8. We Are Detective playlist
9. You Take Me Up playlist

Album Lyrics: Big Trash [1989]

Thompson Twins
"Big Trash [1989]"

1. Big Trash playlist
2. Bombers In The Sky playlist
3. Dirty Summer's Day playlist
4. Love Jungle playlist
5. Queen Of The U.S.A. playlist
6. Rock This Boat playlist
7. Salvador Dali's Car playlist
8. Sugar Daddy playlist
9. T.V. On playlist
10. This Girl's On Fire playlist
11. Wild playlist

Album Lyrics: Set [1982]

Thompson Twins
"Set [1982]"

1. Blind playlist
2. Crazy Dog playlist
3. Fool's Gold playlist
4. Tok Tok playlist

Album Lyrics: Master Hits [1999]

Thompson Twins
"Master Hits [1999]"

1. Bouncing playlist
2. Day After Day playlist
3. Emperor's Clothes playlist
4. Follow Your Heart playlist
5. Perfect Day playlist
6. Who Can Stop The Rain playlist

Album Lyrics: Here's To Future Days [1985]

Thompson Twins
"Here's To Future Days [1985]"

1. Breakaway playlist
2. Future Days playlist
3. Love Is The Law playlist
4. Tokyo playlist
5. You Killed The Clown playlist

Album Lyrics: Close To The Bone [1987]

Thompson Twins
"Close To The Bone [1987]"

1. Bushbaby playlist
2. Dancing In Your Shoes playlist
3. Gold Fever playlist
4. Savage Moon playlist
5. Still Waters playlist
6. Twentieth Century playlist

Album Lyrics: Queer [1991]

Thompson Twins
"Queer [1991]"

1. Come Inside playlist
2. Flesh And Blood playlist
3. Flower Girl playlist
4. Groove On playlist
5. Invisible Man playlist
6. My Funky Valentine playlist
7. Queer playlist
8. Saint playlist
9. Shake It Down playlist
10. Strange Jane playlist
11. Wind It Up playlist

Album Lyrics: The Greatest Hits [1996]

Thompson Twins
"The Greatest Hits [1996]"

1. Don't Mess With Doctor Dream playlist
2. Long Goodbye playlist

Album Lyrics: The Platinum & Gold Collection [2003]

Thompson Twins
"The Platinum & Gold Collection [2003]"

1. Get That Love playlist
2. If You Were Here playlist
3. King For A Day playlist
4. Sister Of Mercy playlist

Album Lyrics: More Music From The Breeze [2013]

Thompson Twins
"More Music From The Breeze [2013]"

1. Hold Me Now playlist

Album Lyrics: Hold Me Now [2003]

Thompson Twins
"Hold Me Now [2003]"

1. Love On Your Side playlist
2. The Gap playlist

Album Lyrics: Into The Gap [1984]

Thompson Twins
"Into The Gap [1984]"

1. No Peace For The Wicked playlist
2. Storm On The Sea playlist

Album Lyrics: Singles Collection [1996]

Thompson Twins
"Singles Collection [1996]"

1. Perfect Game playlist
2. Watching playlist