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The Dubliners
Album Lyrics: Other Songs - The Dubliners

The Dubliners
"Other Songs - The Dubliners"

1. All For Me Grog playlist
2. Anna Liffey playlist
3. Carrickfergus playlist
4. Dicey Riley playlist
5. Down By The Glenside playlist
6. Fields Of Athenry playlist
7. Finnegan's Wake playlist
8. Four Green Fields playlist
9. Fuck You I'm Drunk playlist
10. In The Rare Old Times playlist
11. Jar Of Porter playlist
12. Joe Hill playlist
13. Join The British Army playlist
14. Leaving Nancy playlist
15. Lord Of The Dance playlist
16. Master Mcgrath playlist
17. Monto playlist
18. Pub With No Beer playlist
19. Rare Old Mountain Dew playlist
20. Song For Ireland playlist
21. South Australia playlist
22. The Band Played Waltzing Matilda playlist
23. The Dundee Weaver playlist
24. The Fields Of Athenry playlist
25. The Glendalough Saint [Live At The Gate Theatre, Dublin 4/26/1966] playlist
26. The Moonshiner playlist
27. The Rising Of The Moon playlist
28. The Sick Note playlist
29. The Town I Loved So Well playlist
30. Tibby Dunbar playlist
31. Wild Rover playlist

Album Lyrics: The Essential [2011]

The Dubliners
"The Essential [2011]"

1. Black Velvet Band playlist
2. Dirty Old Town playlist
3. Maloney Wants A Drink playlist
4. Seven Drunken Nights playlist
5. The Galway Races playlist
6. Whiskey In The Jar playlist

Album Lyrics: In Concert [2003]

The Dubliners
"In Concert [2003]"

1. Easy And Slow playlist

Album Lyrics: Parcel Of Rogues [1995]

The Dubliners
"Parcel Of Rogues [1995]"

1. Foggy Dew playlist
2. Spanish Lady playlist

Album Lyrics: Finnegan Wakes [2003]

The Dubliners
"Finnegan Wakes [2003]"

1. Hot Asphalt playlist
2. Mcalpine's Fusiliers playlist

Album Lyrics: 30 Years A-Greying [1990]

The Dubliners
"30 Years A-Greying [1990]"

1. I'll Tell Me Ma playlist

Album Lyrics: Festival Of Irish Music [1994]

The Dubliners
"Festival Of Irish Music [1994]"

1. The Hills Of Connemara playlist

Album Lyrics: Songs From Ireland-Greatest Hi [1996]

The Dubliners
"Songs From Ireland-Greatest Hi [1996]"

1. The Leaving Of Liverpool playlist
2. The Rocky Road To Dublin playlist
3. The Wild Rover playlist