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Carrie Newcomer
Album Lyrics: Before & After [1991]

Carrie Newcomer
"Before & After [1991]"

1. A Crash Of Rhinoceros playlist
2. A Simple Change Of Heart playlist
3. A Small Flashlight playlist
4. Before And After playlist
5. Coy Dogs playlist
6. Do No Harm playlist
7. Ghost Train playlist
8. Hush playlist
9. I Meant To Do My Work Today playlist
10. I Wish I May I Wish I Might playlist
11. Stones In The River playlist

Album Lyrics: Geography Of Light [2008]

Carrie Newcomer
"Geography Of Light [2008]"

1. A Mean Kind Of Justice playlist
2. Biscuits And Butter playlist
3. Leaves Don't Drop (They Just Let Go) playlist

Album Lyrics: Angel At My Shoulder [1994]

Carrie Newcomer
"Angel At My Shoulder [1994]"

1. An Angel At My Shoulder playlist
2. Three Women playlist

Album Lyrics: Betty's Diner: The Best Of Carrie Newcomer [2004]

Carrie Newcomer
"Betty's Diner: The Best Of Carrie Newcomer [2004]"

1. Bare to the Bone playlist
2. Betty's Diner playlist
3. Hold On playlist
4. I Should've Known Better playlist
5. I'll Go Too playlist
6. Love Is Wide playlist
7. My Father's Only Son playlist
8. When It's Gone It's Gone playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Carrie Newcomer

Carrie Newcomer
"Other Songs - Carrie Newcomer"

1. Bowling Baby [#] playlist
2. Love Is Wide playlist
3. My Father's Only Son playlist
4. One Great Cry playlist
5. Take One Step playlist
6. The Moon Over Tuscon playlist
7. The Prelude playlist
8. Toward The Horizon [#] playlist
9. When One Door Closes (another Door Opens Wide) playlist
10. Wisdom Is Watching playlist
11. It Goes Both Ways playlist
12. Leaves Don't Drop (They Just Let Go) playlist
13. Seven Dreams playlist
14. Tenderly With You playlist
15. The Bird Or The Wing playlist
16. Under Your Skin playlist
17. Anything With Wings playlist
18. Bowling Baby playlist
19. Threads playlist
20. Toward The Horizon playlist
21. A Safe Place playlist
22. Meet You On Monday playlist
23. Straight To The Point playlist
24. This Too Will Pass playlist
25. Tornado Alley playlist

Album Lyrics: My True Name [1998]

Carrie Newcomer
"My True Name [1998]"

1. Close Your Eyes playlist
2. Just A Little Hand playlist
3. One Good Turn playlist
4. Something Worth Fighting For playlist
5. Take It Around Again playlist
6. The Length Of My Arms playlist
7. The Razor's Edge playlist
8. This Long playlist

Album Lyrics: Bird Or The Wing [1995]

Carrie Newcomer
"Bird Or The Wing [1995]"

1. Closer To Home playlist
2. Distance playlist
3. I'm Not Going To Let You Break My Heart playlist
4. Tenderly With You playlist
5. The Bird Or The Wing playlist
6. The Prelude playlist
7. Under Your Skin playlist
8. Wisdom Is Watching playlist

Album Lyrics: Kindred Spirits: A Collection [2012]

Carrie Newcomer
"Kindred Spirits: A Collection [2012]"

1. Geodes playlist
2. I Do Not Know Its Name playlist
3. If Not Now playlist
4. My True Name playlist
5. There Is A Tree playlist
6. Two Toasts playlist