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Jimmy Barnes
Album Lyrics: Jb50: 12cd Box Set [2007]

Jimmy Barnes
"Jb50: 12cd Box Set [2007]"

1. Change Of Heart playlist
2. I Gotcha playlist
3. Little Darling playlist
4. River Deep Mountain High playlist
5. When Something Is Wrong With My Baby playlist

Album Lyrics: For The Working Class Man [2010]

Jimmy Barnes
"For The Working Class Man [2010]"

1. Boys Cry Out For War playlist
2. I'd Die To Be With You Tonight playlist
3. No Second Prize playlist
4. Ride The Night Away playlist
5. Working Class Man playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Jimmy Barnes

Jimmy Barnes
"Other Songs - Jimmy Barnes"

1. Do It To Me playlist
2. Flame Trees {live} playlist
3. Here I Am (Come And Take Me) playlist
4. Higher And Higher playlist
5. I'd Rather Be Blind playlist
6. It Will Be All Right playlist
7. Khe Sahn playlist
8. Laying Down The Law playlist
9. Lover Lover playlist
10. Money playlist

Album Lyrics: Freight Train Heart [2010]

Jimmy Barnes
"Freight Train Heart [2010]"

1. Driving Wheels playlist
2. Last Frontier playlist

Album Lyrics: The Very Best [2011]

Jimmy Barnes
"The Very Best [2011]"

1. Good Times playlist

Album Lyrics: Max Sessions [2009]

Jimmy Barnes
"Max Sessions [2009]"

1. Out In The Blue playlist
2. When Your Love Is Gone playlist

Album Lyrics: Heat [2010]

Jimmy Barnes
"Heat [2010]"

1. Stone Cold playlist
2. Wheels In Motion playlist

Album Lyrics: Double Happiness [2005]

Jimmy Barnes
"Double Happiness [2005]"

1. Wichita Lineman ft. David Campbell playlist