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Gil Scott-Heron
Album Lyrics: I'm New Here [2010]

Gil Scott-Heron
"I'm New Here [2010]"

1. I'm New Here playlist
2. I'll Take Care Of You playlist
3. New York Is Killing Me playlist
4. On Coming From A Broken Home playlist
5. Running playlist
6. The Crutch playlist
7. Where Did The Night Go playlist
8. Your Soul And Mine playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Gil Scott-Heron

Gil Scott-Heron
"Other Songs - Gil Scott-Heron"

1. A Sign Of The Ages playlist
2. Brother playlist
3. Free Will playlist
4. Inner City Blues (Poem: the Siege Of New Orleans) playlist
5. Message To The Rappers playlist
6. My Cloud playlist
7. No Knock playlist
8. Or Down You Fall playlist
9. Sex Education, Ghetto Style playlist
10. The Vultures playlist

Album Lyrics: Reflections [1981]

Gil Scott-Heron
"Reflections [1981]"

1. Grandma's Hands playlist
2. Morning Thoughts playlist

Album Lyrics: The Revolution Begins: The Flying Dutchman Masters [2013]

Gil Scott-Heron
"The Revolution Begins: The Flying Dutchman Masters [2013]"

1. Home Is Where The Hatred Is playlist
2. I Think I'll Call It Morning playlist
3. Lady Day And John Coltrane playlist
4. Pieces Of A Man playlist
5. The Prisoner playlist
6. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised playlist

Album Lyrics: Season 1 [2012]

Gil Scott-Heron
"Season 1 [2012]"

1. Me And The Devil playlist

Album Lyrics: Moving Target [1982]

Gil Scott-Heron
"Moving Target [1982]"

1. Ready Or Not playlist

Album Lyrics: Pieces Of A Man [1971]

Gil Scott-Heron
"Pieces Of A Man [1971]"

1. The Needle's Eye playlist