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Album Lyrics: Guster on Ice: Live from Portland, Maine [2004]

"Guster on Ice: Live from Portland, Maine [2004]"

1. (Nothing But) Flowers (Talking Heads Cover) playlist
2. Airport Song playlist
3. Barrel Of A Gun playlist
4. Demons playlist
5. Fa Fa playlist
6. Happier playlist
7. I Spy playlist

Album Lyrics: The Pasty Tapes [EP] [1999]

"The Pasty Tapes [EP] [1999]"

1. Airport Song (Pastronica remix) playlist
2. Bury Me (live) playlist
3. Closer (live) playlist
4. The Harder They Come playlist

Album Lyrics: Lost and Gone Forever [1999]

"Lost and Gone Forever [1999]"

1. All The Way Up To Heaven playlist
2. Center Of Attention playlist
3. Either Way playlist
4. Rainy Day playlist
5. So Long playlist
6. Two Points For Honesty playlist
7. What You Wish For playlist

Album Lyrics: Keep It Together [UK] [2005]

"Keep It Together [UK] [2005]"

1. Amsterdam playlist
2. Back Yard playlist
3. Careful playlist
4. Come Downstairs And Say Hello playlist
5. Diane playlist
6. Homecoming King playlist
7. Jesus On The Radio playlist
8. Keep It Together playlist
9. Long Way Down playlist
10. Ramona playlist
11. Red Oyster Cult playlist
12. Say That To My Face playlist

Album Lyrics: Easy Wonderful [2010]

"Easy Wonderful [2010]"

1. Architects & Engineers playlist
2. Bad Bad World playlist
3. Do What You Want playlist
4. Do You Love Me playlist
5. Hercules playlist
6. Jesus And Mary playlist
7. On The Ocean playlist
8. Stay With Me Jesus playlist
9. That's No Way To Get To Heaven playlist
10. This Could All Be Yours playlist
11. This Is How It Feels To Have A Broken Heart playlist
12. What You Call Love playlist

Album Lyrics: Goldfly [1998]

"Goldfly [1998]"

1. Bury Me playlist
2. Getting Even playlist
3. Great Escape playlist
4. Grin playlist
5. Medicine playlist
6. Perfect playlist
7. Rocketship playlist
8. X-Ray Eyes playlist

Album Lyrics: Ganging Up on the Sun [2006]

"Ganging Up on the Sun [2006]"

1. C'Mon playlist
2. Dear Valentine playlist
3. Empire State playlist
4. Hang On playlist
5. Lightning Rod playlist
6. Manifest Destiny playlist
7. One Man Wrecking Machine playlist
8. Ruby Falls playlist
9. Satellite playlist
10. The Beginning of the End playlist
11. The Captain playlist
12. The New Underground playlist

Album Lyrics: Parachute [1995]

"Parachute [1995]"

1. Cocoon playlist
2. Dissolve playlist
3. Eden playlist
4. Fall In Two playlist
5. Happy Frappy playlist
6. Love For Me playlist
7. Mona Lisa playlist
8. Parachute playlist
9. Scars And Stitches playlist
10. The Prize playlist
11. Window playlist

Album Lyrics: Maybe This Christmas Too? [2003]

"Maybe This Christmas Too? [2003]"

1. Donde Esta Santa Claus playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Guster

"Other Songs - Guster"

1. G Major playlist
2. I'm Through playlist
3. Rise & Shine playlist
4. Timothy Leary playlist
5. Total Eclipse Of The Heart [Live] playlist
6. Two Of Us playlist

Album Lyrics: One Man Wrecking Machine [EP] [2006]

"One Man Wrecking Machine [EP] [2006]"

1. Good Feeling playlist
2. Two At A Time playlist

Album Lyrics: Wedding Crashers (Soundtrack) [2005]

"Wedding Crashers (Soundtrack) [2005]"

1. I Hope Tomorrow Is Like Today playlist

Album Lyrics: The Pasty Tapes Vol. 3 [2005]

"The Pasty Tapes Vol. 3 [2005]"

1. Manifest Destiny/Sorority Tears playlist

Album Lyrics: The Pasty Tapes Vol. 2 [EP] [2003]

"The Pasty Tapes Vol. 2 [EP] [2003]"

1. Sunday Afternoon playlist
2. We Gotta Be Clean playlist