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Stray Cats
Album Lyrics: 3 Cd Box Set [2003]

Stray Cats
"3 Cd Box Set [2003]"

1. (She's) Sexy + 17 playlist
2. Baby Blue Eyes playlist
3. Crawl Up and Die playlist
4. Look At That Cadillac playlist
5. My One Desire playlist
6. Storm The Embassy playlist
7. Wasn't That Good playlist

Album Lyrics: Tear It Up [1993]

Stray Cats
"Tear It Up [1993]"

1. (She's) Sexy + 17 [Live/Tear It Up] playlist
2. Rock This Town [Live/Tear It Up] playlist
3. Runaway Boys [Live/Tear It Up] playlist
4. Stray Cat Strut [Live/Tear It Up] playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Stray Cats

Stray Cats
"Other Songs - Stray Cats"

1. 16 Candles playlist
2. 18 Miles To Memphis [Live] playlist
3. Baby Don't Drag Me Down playlist
4. Blast Off [Live] playlist
5. Broken Man playlist
6. C'mon Everybody playlist
7. Can't Go Back To Memphis playlist
8. Can't Hurry Love playlist
9. Change Of Heart playlist
10. Cryin' Shame playlist
11. Give It To Me playlist
12. I Wanna Cry playlist
13. I'm A Rocker playlist
14. Jailhouse Rockabilly playlist
15. Keep On Running playlist
16. One Hand Loose playlist
17. Reckless playlist
18. Red Hot playlist
19. Runaway Train playlist
20. Shotgun Baby playlist
21. Stood Up playlist
22. Struck By Lightning playlist
23. That's All Right [Live] playlist
24. Thing About You playlist
25. Tight Black Leather playlist
26. Tonight's The Night playlist
27. Too Hip Gotta Go [Live] playlist
28. Town Without Pity playlist
29. You Dont Believe Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Rockabilly Rules: At Their Best - Live [2001]

Stray Cats
"Rockabilly Rules: At Their Best - Live [2001]"

1. Built For Speed playlist
2. Gene And Eddie playlist

Album Lyrics: Choo Choo Hot Fish [1994]

Stray Cats
"Choo Choo Hot Fish [1994]"

1. Cross Of Love playlist

Album Lyrics: Stray Cats [1981]

Stray Cats
"Stray Cats [1981]"

1. Double Talking Baby playlist
2. Wild Saxophone playlist

Album Lyrics: The Toronto Strut [2000]

Stray Cats
"The Toronto Strut [2000]"

1. Drink That Bottle Down playlist

Album Lyrics: Live In Barcelona 22nd July, 2004 [2005]

Stray Cats
"Live In Barcelona 22nd July, 2004 [2005]"

1. Fishnet Stockings playlist
2. Please Don't Touch playlist
3. Sweet Love On My Mind playlist
4. Ubangi Stomp playlist
5. Rock This Town playlist

Album Lyrics: Original Cool [1993]

Stray Cats
"Original Cool [1993]"

1. I Fought The Law playlist
2. Trying To Get To You playlist

Album Lyrics: Rumble In Brixton [2005]

Stray Cats
"Rumble In Brixton [2005]"

1. I Won't Stand In Your Way playlist
2. Runaway Boys playlist

Album Lyrics: Built For Speed [1982]

Stray Cats
"Built For Speed [1982]"

1. Jeanie, Jeanie, Jeanie playlist

Album Lyrics: Feline Frisky [2001]

Stray Cats
"Feline Frisky [2001]"

1. Let's Go Faster playlist

Album Lyrics: Very Best Of [1990]

Stray Cats
"Very Best Of [1990]"

1. Lonely Summer Nights playlist

Album Lyrics: Rant N' Rave With The Stray Cats [1983]

Stray Cats
"Rant N' Rave With The Stray Cats [1983]"

1. Lookin' Better Every Beer playlist

Album Lyrics: Live From Europe: Holland July 30 2004 [2005]

Stray Cats
"Live From Europe: Holland July 30 2004 [2005]"

1. Rock This Town playlist
2. Rumble In Brighton playlist
3. Stray Cat Strut playlist

Album Lyrics: Gonna Ball [1981]

Stray Cats
"Gonna Ball [1981]"

1. Wicked Whisky playlist