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Big Audio Dynamite
Album Lyrics: This Is Big Audio Dynamite [1985]

Big Audio Dynamite
"This Is Big Audio Dynamite [1985]"

1. A Party playlist
2. B.A.D playlist
3. E=Mc2 playlist
4. Medicine Show playlist
5. Sony playlist
6. Stone Thames playlist
7. Sudden Impact! playlist
8. The Bottom Line playlist

Album Lyrics: Tighten Up Vol. 88 [1988]

Big Audio Dynamite
"Tighten Up Vol. 88 [1988]"

1. Applecart playlist
2. Esquerita playlist

Album Lyrics: Entering A New Ride [1997]

Big Audio Dynamite
"Entering A New Ride [1997]"

1. B.A.D And The Night Time Ride playlist
2. Cozy Ten Minutes playlist
3. Man That Is Dynamite playlist
4. Must Be The Music playlist
5. Sunday Best playlist

Album Lyrics: No. 10, Upping St. [1986]

Big Audio Dynamite
"No. 10, Upping St. [1986]"

1. Beyond The Pale playlist
2. Sambadrome playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Big Audio Dynamite

Big Audio Dynamite
"Other Songs - Big Audio Dynamite"

1. C'mon Every Beatbox playlist
2. Free playlist
3. Funny Names playlist
4. Just Play Music playlist
5. Limbo The Law playlist
6. Other 99 playlist
7. The Green Lady playlist
8. Ticket playlist

Album Lyrics: Megatop Phoenix [1989]

Big Audio Dynamite
"Megatop Phoenix [1989]"

1. Contact playlist
2. London Bridge playlist

Album Lyrics: The Globe [1991]

Big Audio Dynamite
"The Globe [1991]"

1. Rush playlist
2. The Globe playlist