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Julian Lennon
Album Lyrics: The Secret Value Of Daydreaming [2009]

Julian Lennon
"The Secret Value Of Daydreaming [2009]"

1. Always Think Twice playlist
2. Everyday playlist
3. Stick Around playlist
4. You Don't Have To Tell Me playlist
5. You Get What You Want playlist

Album Lyrics: Photograph Smile [1998]

Julian Lennon
"Photograph Smile [1998]"

1. And She Cries playlist
2. Believe playlist
3. Crucified playlist
4. Faithful playlist
5. How Many Times playlist
6. I Should Have Known playlist
7. Kiss Beyond The Catcher playlist
8. Walls playlist
9. Way To Your Heart playlist

Album Lyrics: Mr. Jordan [2009]

Julian Lennon
"Mr. Jordan [2009]"

1. Angillette playlist
2. Mother Mary playlist
3. Now You're In Heaven playlist
4. Open Your Eyes playlist
5. Sunday Morning playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Julian Lennon

Julian Lennon
"Other Songs - Julian Lennon"

1. Because playlist
2. Children Of The World playlist
3. Cole's Song playlist
4. Coward Till The End playlist
5. I Get Up playlist
6. If You Only Knew playlist
7. Imainary Lines playlist
8. Invisible playlist
9. Loving Is Easy playlist
10. Make It Up To You playlist
11. Midnight Smoke playlist
12. Ruby Tuesday playlist
13. Second Time playlist
14. Time Will Teach Us All playlist
15. Want Your Body playlist
16. Cold playlist
17. Hold On playlist

Album Lyrics: Vh1 Behind The Music: The Julian Lennon Collection [2001]

Julian Lennon
"Vh1 Behind The Music: The Julian Lennon Collection [2001]"

1. Day After Day playlist
2. Jesse playlist
3. Listen playlist
4. Photograph Smile playlist
5. Saltwater playlist
6. Say You're Wrong playlist
7. Too Late For Goodbyes playlist
8. Valotte playlist

Album Lyrics: Help Yourself [1991]

Julian Lennon
"Help Yourself [1991]"

1. Get A Life playlist
2. Help Yourself playlist
3. Imaginary Lines playlist
4. Keep the People Working playlist
5. Maybe I Was Wrong playlist
6. New Physics Rant playlist
7. Other Side of Town playlist
8. Rebel King playlist
9. Take Me Home playlist
10. Would You playlist

Album Lyrics: Valotte [1984]

Julian Lennon
"Valotte [1984]"

1. Let Me Be playlist
2. Lonely playlist
3. O.K for You playlist
4. On The Phone playlist
5. Space playlist
6. Well I Don't Know playlist