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The Cruel Sea
Album Lyrics: Over Easy [1998]

The Cruel Sea
"Over Easy [1998]"

1. Hard Times playlist

Album Lyrics: Where There's Smoke [2001]

The Cruel Sea
"Where There's Smoke [2001]"

1. A Simple Goodbye playlist
2. Coming For You playlist
3. Daylight playlist

Album Lyrics: We Don't Work, We Play Music [2003]

The Cruel Sea
"We Don't Work, We Play Music [2003]"

1. This Is Not The Way Home playlist

Album Lyrics: Three Legged Dog [1995]

The Cruel Sea
"Three Legged Dog [1995]"

1. Anybody But You playlist

Album Lyrics: This Is Not The Way Home [1991]

The Cruel Sea
"This Is Not The Way Home [1991]"

1. Don't Sell It playlist
2. I Feel playlist

Album Lyrics: The Honeymoon Is Over [1993]

The Cruel Sea
"The Honeymoon Is Over [1993]"

1. Black Stick playlist
2. Let's Lay Down Here And Make Love playlist
3. Naked Flame playlist
4. Orleans Stomp playlist
5. Seems Twice playlist
6. Sly Din playlist
7. The Right Time playlist
8. Woman With Soul playlist
9. X-N-Pop playlist

Album Lyrics: Rock 'n Roll Duds [1995]

The Cruel Sea
"Rock 'n Roll Duds [1995]"

Album Lyrics: Down Below [1990]

The Cruel Sea
"Down Below [1990]"

1. Down Below playlist