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Laura Nyro
Album Lyrics: Mother's Spiritual [2009]

Laura Nyro
"Mother's Spiritual [2009]"

1. A Free Thinker playlist
2. A Wilderness playlist
3. Man In The Moon playlist
4. Mother's Spiritual playlist
5. Refrain playlist
6. Sophia playlist

Album Lyrics: Live Loom's Desire [2002]

Laura Nyro
"Live Loom's Desire [2002]"

1. A Woman Of The World playlist
2. Broken Rainbow playlist
3. Lite A Flame (The Animal Rights Song) playlist
4. Louise's Church playlist
5. The Descent Of Luna Rosé playlist
6. Walk The Dog And Light The Light (Song Of The Road) playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Laura Nyro

Laura Nyro
"Other Songs - Laura Nyro"

1. American Dove playlist
2. Coda playlist
3. Eli's Coming playlist
4. Gardenia Talk playlist
5. Japanese Restaurant playlist
6. Light (Pop's Principle) playlist
7. Ooo Baby Baby playlist
8. Roadnotes playlist
9. Save The Country [Live] playlist
10. Talk To A Green Tree playlist
11. The Night To Vote playlist
12. Triple Goddess Twilight playlist
13. Wild World playlist
14. Will You Love Me Tomorrow playlist

Album Lyrics: Time & Love: The Essential Masters [2010]

Laura Nyro
"Time & Love: The Essential Masters [2010]"

1. And When I Die playlist
2. Blowin' Away playlist
3. Goodbye Joe playlist
4. Stoney End playlist
5. Wedding Bell Blues playlist

Album Lyrics: Original Album Classics [2011]

Laura Nyro
"Original Album Classics [2011]"

1. Beads Of Sweat playlist
2. Been On A Train playlist
3. Blackpatch playlist
4. Brown Earth playlist
5. Captain For Dark Mornings playlist
6. Christmas In My Soul playlist
7. December's Boudoir playlist
8. Désirée playlist
9. Emmie playlist
10. Gibsom Street playlist
11. I Am The Blues playlist
12. I Met Him On A Sunday playlist
13. It's Gonna Take A Miracle playlist
14. Jimmy Mack playlist
15. Lonely Women playlist
16. Lu playlist
17. Luckie playlist
18. Map To The Treasure playlist
19. Mercy On Broadway playlist
20. Money playlist
21. New York Tendaberry playlist
22. Once It Was Alright Now (Farmer Joe) playlist
23. Poverty Train playlist
24. Smile playlist
25. Spanish Harlem playlist
26. Stoned Soul Picnic playlist
27. Sweet Blindness playlist
28. Sweet Lovin' Baby playlist
29. The Cat-Song playlist
30. The Man Who Sends Me Home playlist
31. Time And Love playlist
32. Timer playlist
33. Up On The Roof playlist
34. Upstairs By A Chinese Lamp playlist
35. Woman's Blues playlist
36. You Don't Love Me When I Cry playlist
37. You've Really Got A Hold On Me playlist

Album Lyrics: More Than A New Discovery [2008]

Laura Nyro
"More Than A New Discovery [2008]"

1. Buy And Sell playlist
2. California Shoeshine Boys playlist
3. He's A Runner playlist
4. I Never Meant To Hurt You playlist
5. Lazy Susan playlist

Album Lyrics: Nested [2008]

Laura Nyro
"Nested [2008]"

1. Child In A Universe playlist
2. Crazy Love playlist
3. My Innocence playlist
4. Springblown playlist
5. The Nest playlist
6. The Sweet Sky playlist

Album Lyrics: Angel In The Dark [2001]

Laura Nyro
"Angel In The Dark [2001]"

1. Don't Hurt Child playlist
2. Embraceable You playlist
3. La La Means I Love You playlist
4. Serious Playground playlist
5. Sweet Dream Fade playlist

Album Lyrics: The First Songs [2007]

Laura Nyro
"The First Songs [2007]"

1. Flim Flam Man playlist

Album Lyrics: Spread Your Wings & Fly: Fillmore East May 30 1971 [2004]

Laura Nyro
"Spread Your Wings & Fly: Fillmore East May 30 1971 [2004]"

Album Lyrics: Essential Laura Nyro [2000]

Laura Nyro
"Essential Laura Nyro [2000]"

1. Mr. Blue playlist

Album Lyrics: Laura Nyro Live From Mountain Stage [2000]

Laura Nyro
"Laura Nyro Live From Mountain Stage [2000]"

1. Oh Yeah Maybe Baby (The Heebie Jeebies) playlist

Album Lyrics: New York Tendaberry [2002]

Laura Nyro
"New York Tendaberry [2002]"

1. Tom Cat Goodby playlist