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Swing Out Sister
Album Lyrics: It's Better To Travel [1987]

Swing Out Sister
"It's Better To Travel [1987]"

1. After Hours playlist
2. Fooled By A Smile playlist
3. It's Not Enough playlist

Album Lyrics: Living Return [1994]

Swing Out Sister
"Living Return [1994]"

1. All In Your Mind playlist
2. Don't Give Up On A Good Thing playlist
3. Don't Let Yourself Down playlist
4. That's The Way It Goes playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Swing Out Sister

Swing Out Sister
"Other Songs - Swing Out Sister"

1. Always playlist
2. Blue Mood playlist
3. Closer Than The Sun playlist
4. Everyday Crime playlist
5. Filth And Dreams playlist
6. Happy When You're High playlist
7. Here And Now playlist
8. Incomplete Without You playlist
9. Invisible playlist
10. La La La (Means I Love You) playlist
11. Love Child playlist
12. Make You Stay playlist
13. Notgonnachange [O'duffy's 7 Single] playlist
14. Stop And Think It Over playlist
15. Understand playlist
16. What Kind Of Fool Are You playlist
17. You Already Know playlist

Album Lyrics: B.O. [2002]

Swing Out Sister
"B.O. [2002]"

1. Am I The Same Girl playlist
2. Breakout playlist
3. Forever Blue playlist
4. Get In Touch With Yourself playlist
5. Ordinary People playlist
6. Waiting Game playlist
7. You On My Mind playlist

Album Lyrics: Breakout [2001]

Swing Out Sister
"Breakout [2001]"

1. Another Lost Weekend playlist
2. Between Strangers playlist
3. Circulate playlist
4. Tainted playlist

Album Lyrics: Shapes & Patterns [1997]

Swing Out Sister
"Shapes & Patterns [1997]"

1. Better Make It Better playlist
2. Somewhere In The World playlist
3. We Could Make It Happen playlist

Album Lyrics: Live [1994]

Swing Out Sister
"Live [1994]"

1. Stoned Soul Picnic playlist
2. Sugar Free playlist
3. Twilight World playlist

Album Lyrics: 20th Century Masters: Millennium Collection [1991]

Swing Out Sister
"20th Century Masters: Millennium Collection [1991]"

1. Who's Been Sleeping playlist