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Bruce Cockburn
Album Lyrics: Anything Anytime Anywhere: Singles 1979-2002 [2002]

Bruce Cockburn
"Anything Anytime Anywhere: Singles 1979-2002 [2002]"

1. A Dream Like Mine playlist
2. Listen For The Laugh playlist
3. The Coldest Night Of The Year playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Bruce Cockburn

Bruce Cockburn
"Other Songs - Bruce Cockburn"

1. A Life Story playlist
2. Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life playlist
3. Blueberry Hill playlist
4. Burn playlist
5. Call It A Democracy playlist
6. Dust And Diesel playlist
7. Feet Fall On The Road playlist
8. Going To The Country playlist
9. Guerrilla Betrayed playlist
10. Happy Good Morning Blues playlist
11. High Winds White Sky playlist
12. Isn't That What Friends Are For playlist
13. It Came Upon A Midnight Clear playlist
14. It Won't Be Long playlist
15. January In The Halifax Airport Lounge playlist
16. Keep It Open playlist
17. Let The Bad Air Out playlist
18. Look How Far playlist
19. Making Contact playlist
20. Mango playlist
21. Montreal Song playlist
22. More Not More playlist
23. My Lady And My Lord playlist
24. Pangs Of Love playlist
25. Radium Rain playlist
26. Sahara Gold playlist
27. Shining Mountain playlist
28. The Embers Of Eden playlist
29. The Gift playlist
30. The Rose Above The Sky playlist
31. Understanding Nothing playlist
32. Up On The Hillside playlist
33. Use Me While You Can playlist
34. What About The Bond playlist
35. When The Sun Goes Nova playlist
36. When You Give It Away playlist
37. You Point To The Sky playlist

Album Lyrics: Dart To The Heart [1994]

Bruce Cockburn
"Dart To The Heart [1994]"

1. All The Ways I Want You playlist
2. Bone In My Ear playlist
3. Burden Of The Angel/Beast playlist
4. Closer To The Light playlist
5. Love Loves You Too playlist
6. Scanning These Crowds playlist
7. Someone I Used To Love playlist
8. Southland Of The Heart playlist

Album Lyrics: Life Short Call Now [2006]

Bruce Cockburn
"Life Short Call Now [2006]"

1. Beautiful Creatures playlist
2. Life Short Call Now playlist
3. Mystery playlist
4. Nude Descending A Staircase playlist
5. Slow Down Fast playlist

Album Lyrics: World Of Wonders [2007]

Bruce Cockburn
"World Of Wonders [2007]"

1. Berlin Tonight playlist
2. People See Through You playlist

Album Lyrics: Slice O Life: Bruce Cockburn Live Solo [2009]

Bruce Cockburn
"Slice O Life: Bruce Cockburn Live Solo [2009]"

1. Child Of The Wind playlist
2. If I Had A Rocket Launcher playlist
3. Kit Carson playlist
4. Last Night Of The World playlist
5. Lovers In A Dangerous Time playlist
6. Pacing The Cage playlist
7. See You Tomorrow playlist
8. Soul Of A Man playlist
9. Tie Me At The Crossroads playlist
10. Wondering Where The Lions Are playlist

Album Lyrics: Nothing But A Burning Light [1991]

Bruce Cockburn
"Nothing But A Burning Light [1991]"

1. Cry Of A Tiny Babe playlist
2. Great Big Love playlist
3. Indian Wars playlist
4. Mighty Trucks Of Midnight playlist
5. One Of The Best Ones playlist
6. Somebody Touched Me playlist

Album Lyrics: In The Falling Dark [2002]

Bruce Cockburn
"In The Falling Dark [2002]"

1. I'm Gonna Fly Some Day playlist
2. Lord Of The Starfields playlist

Album Lyrics: The Charity Of Night [2008]

Bruce Cockburn
"The Charity Of Night [2008]"

1. Night Train playlist

Album Lyrics: Christmas [1993]

Bruce Cockburn
"Christmas [1993]"

1. O Little Town Of Bethlehem playlist
2. Silent Night playlist

Album Lyrics: Trouble With Normal [2002]

Bruce Cockburn
"Trouble With Normal [2002]"

1. The Trouble With Normal playlist

Album Lyrics: You Pay Your Money And You Take Your Chance [2007]

Bruce Cockburn
"You Pay Your Money And You Take Your Chance [2007]"

1. You Pay Your Money And You Take Your Chance playlist